“Lost Girl” recap (5.16): Fae-thee-well


The feeling is mutual as Bo and her dad–magically still in pre-dawn (guess they’re serious about the whole darkness thing)–realize they’re still alive. Papa Hades is annoyed because this means his horsey Lite-Brite isn’t all the way filled in. So Bo promises to find them and devour them. Great, now I’m hungry.


Hades commands the guardians of the city to rise, and all the cops get up and open fire on our gang. I guess Fae lives don’t matter. (Too soon?) Luckily that Lucky Horseshoe continues to be lucky and shields them from the hail of bullets. They retreat to the Disco RV and then spot Tamsin striding confidently toward them.

She doubts the cops into submission and comes on board. No, I have no idea how she knew where they were or how she got there so fast. I’m just going with it because have I mentioned this is the last episode ever?


Before they can do their requisite welcome home hugging, Bo arrives and she does not look like she wants a hug. Kenzi goes to confront her, because she is her heart after all. This allows us to marvel at one of our little Mackenzie Malikov’s most impressive talents one last time: the ability to climb a ladder in six-inch heeled boots.

She has come armed with all of the adorable nicknames she can think of–Bo-bs, Bo-Bo, Boom-Boom Bo. She implores Bo to come back, and it seems to work because her eyes fade from blue to brown. So finally it’s hugging time, right? Uh, Bo, little tight with that hug, girl. Bo? Bo!


Yep, it was a trick to retrieve the Lucky Horseshoe, which she immediately breaks in half for good measure. Then Bo goes all Super Succubus on the gang and begins to drain their chi. Things look bad. Will our heroes survive? Cue old-timey piano music signaling danger.

As Bo sucks the life out of the people she loves most, her life with them quite literally flashes before her eyes. The first time we saw her kill. The first time Lauren let her hand linger on Bo’s lower back. The countless times Kenzi was the best. Kissing Dyson. Kissing Tamsin. Joking around with Vex. Making love to Lauren. More making love to Lauren. And none for Mark, bye.


These snap her back to brown-eyed Bo, the real brown-eyed Bo. She surveys her writhing friends in horror. But, good news, now this means she gets to ride in the Disco RV, too. Bo is distraught, what with the killing of all of those innocent people. The gang encourages her to reverse suck everyone, but she says she can’t control herself and might go evil again.

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