“Arrow” recap (4.3): Into the Pit, Out of the Refrigerator


Previously on Arrow, Damien Darhk had a HIVE of Ghosts terrorizing Star City, Thea was suffering from PTPD (Post Traumatic Pit Disorder), and Laurel decided to take Thea and her sister’s corpse to Nanda Parbat for answers and a miracle.

We open mid-crime, as usual. Though today it’s not going so well. Diggle gets cornered by a Ghost, but the Ghost doesn’t shoot him, he just runs off. Oliver falls off his bike and they almost lose the baddie, but Felicity hacks a crane and blocks his path so the boys can catch him. Felicity says it’s like #tbt to the days of the OG Team Arrow (she literally says “OGs” because she’s the cutest) and is the happiest little hacker in all the land.

Arrow 403-1 *remembers Sara on the salmon ladder*

Diggle rips out the Ghost’s death tooth so they can ask him questions but apparently he’s part electric eel because he zaps Diggle and gets away.

Meanwhile, at Nanda Parbat, Malcolm Merlyn is sparring with none other than the great and powerful NYSSA AL GHUL.

Arrow 403-2“I’m gonna love killing you so much.”

Well, HE calls it sparring, but Nyssa would kill him if she could. They’re interrupted when Laurel and Thea show up with Sara’s body in tow. Nyssa stands in stunned silence and Merlyn is like aw HELL no. He says Thea wasn’t totally dead when they threw her in, and that despite it being called the Lazarus Pit, it hadn’t actually been used to raise someone fully from the dead in eons, if it ever had been done at all. So his answer is a hard no. But we all know what Laurel’s response to, “Laurel, no” usually is. #LaurelYES  

In the Arrow Cave, Felicity runs the Ghost tooth for DNA, and suggests that OG Team Arrow go out for drinks while they wait for the results.

Arrow 403-3 I’LL GO, PICK ME

Oliver’s game, but Diggle is decidedly not. He grumps out, and Oliver decides he’s done trying to win Diggle over.

Diggle goes home to find a stray ARGUS agent there instead of his wife and child. The agent gives Diggle the name Mina Fayad, saying she is connected to his brother’s death. And the reason he’s showing up now is because it’s convenient to the plot she’s in town.

Mina goes to meet Damien with her secret weapon. Damien asks the weapon to prove himself, and he peels his playing card tattoos off his body and throws them at the Ghost from the first battle of the episode, killing him dead. The Dealer says that this guy was free, but he’s going to charge more to kill the Green Arrow and his squad. Damien Darhk likes what he sees and agrees.

At Nanda Parbat, Laurel is cuddling with her sister’s coffin. She is not going to give up trying to save her sister. Nyssa shows up and says Laurel’s being selfish, and Laurel says of everyone, she thought for sure Nyssa would be the one person on her side in this. Nyssa says her father used the Pit to live longer than any man should, and that she watched him suffer side effects that she wouldn’t wish on Malcolm, let alone her beloved. (She says that: “beloved.”)


Nyssa is afraid that it won’t be Sara that comes out of the Pit, but a monster. Laurel believes Sara’s spirit was too strong to be stopped by something as silly as death. Nyssa says that no matter how much they both miss her—and oh, how they do—Sara’s gone. She’s accepted it, Laurel should do.

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