Elizabeth Marvel is Kirsten Dunst’s lesbian boss on “Fargo” Season 2


The second of season of Fargo debuted on FX earlier this month and this week, we met the show’s lesbian character, Constance Heck, played by Elizabeth Marvel (House of Cards).


Set in 1979 small town Minnesota, the series follows Peggy Blomquist (Kirsten Dunst), a beautician who works under Constance at the local salon, Dazzle. Peggy and her husband Ed, a butcher, are attempting to cover up their murder of Rye Gerhardt, the member of a local crime mob headed up by the bad ass matriarch Floyd Gerhardt (Jean Smart). 

FARGO -- Pictured: Kirsten Dunst as Peggy. CR: Mathias Clamer/FX

In the second episode, Constance checks out Peggy’s ass before asking if Peggy has asked her husband about traveling with her to a seminar where they will share a bedroom. Constance gives Peggy a lecture on not being a “prisoner of ‘we'” after Peggy says she and Ed been trying to save their money for something else. Constance doesn’t want Peggy to be a princess locked up in a castle, but, really, she’s looking to get Peggy alone. 


While I’d love to see Kirsten Dunst play a bisexual character, it does not seem that Peggy is interested in her boss’s advances. Later in the episode, Constance drives Peggy home and then asks if she can use her restroom. Peggy nervously waits for Constance to leave, as their home was the scene of a crime the night before. And Constance gets nosy, looking underneath the bathroom sink, where she finds the missing toilet paper from the salon that Peggy claimed to know nothing about. But Constance is more worried about seeing that the windshield is busted in Peggy’s car. Peggy explains that her husband got into a bit of a dust-up.

“You’re kind of a bad girl, aren’t ya?” Constance says. “Yeah you are. I’m usually able to tell right away but you had me fooled.”


Constance pushes a piece of hair away from Peggy’s face, noticing she has a mark, which Peggy tries to explain away. But and Constance thinks she knows what’s going on, and she’s “not even mad about the TP.” She starts to come on a little stronger, touching the lapel of Peggy’s coat. Peggy is uncomfortable, says she has a headache and thanks Constance for the ride, pushing her employer to leave. Sigh. Another predatory lesbian boss on television! Let’s hope she takes the hint and cuts it out.

We’ll surely see more of her, though, as Constance shows up in photos for next week’s episode when Sheriff Hank Larsson (Ted Danson) stops by the salon, chatting with Betsy Solverson, the wife of a Minnesota State Trooper (Patrick Wilson).


Fargo airs Monday nights on FX at 10pm.

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