“The Closer” enlists a lesbian cop


When The Closer returns this summer with its fifth season, Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) is going to meet her match in a lesbian cop named Mikki Mendoza. No, not “match” like they make out, wishful thinkers. “Match” like Mikki’s really going to rub Brenda the wrong way. (Again, not like that!)

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reported today that casting has already begun for the possibly recurring role.

We can confirm it, and our magic editorial team got their hands on a casting side from the first episode of Season Five!

Here’s an excerpt:

Taylor introduces special Detective Mikki Mendoza of the Special Investigation Section, noting that Brenda probably hasn’t met her because Mendoza usually works undercover.

Mikki: We haven’t [met]. But I’ve heard a lot about your, Chief Howard, and I’m —

Brenda: If you’ve heard that much about me, you should know it’s Chief Johnson and not Chief Howard.

Mikki: Oh, I thought — you got married.

Brenda: I did. But I kept my own name for professional reasons.

They discuss the case, each accusing the other of jumping to conclusions, each telling the other how to do her job. Mikki realizes she’s offended Brenda, and tries to make amends by noting that her cat (who is there because she’s sick and needs medicine) is cute. Brenda breezes over the peace offering.

Brenda: Y’all did quite a thorough job. Could SIS also keep an eye on our missing chauffeur’s residence? In case he shows back up?

Mikki: We’ll help “y’all” any way we can.

Brenda reacts, like, “Did she just make fun of me?”

The idea of a sassy lesbian cop butting heads with Brenda makes me almost giddy. Something tells me she’s going to need a lot of cookies to cope.

Because the casting is in such an early stage, we don’t have any idea who’ll be playing the role of Mikki. Who do you think would make a good sparring partner for Kyra Sedgwick? Leave your suggestions in the comments!