Gina Gershon to carry a badge on “Numb3rs”


I do not like math so I have never had any interest in watching the CBS show Numb3rs. The show is about an FBI agent who enlists the help of his mathematical genius brother in order to solve crimes is apparently popular with people who don’t have to pull out their cell phones to calculate appropriate tips at restaurants — and crime show aficionados. (Not me.)

But Gina Gershon will guest star in mid-March, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll tune in.

Gershon (forever and ever “Corky,” whether she likes it or not), who recently starred in Broadways’s Boeing-Boeing, will play a detective (lady cop alert!) investigating a crime boss accused of killing a district attorney. Sexy.

The only thing that could make this role sound any better is if she were guesting as Mariska Hargitay‘s new partner on Law and Order: SVU. Sorry Gershon, but when you play gay a handful of times, we can’t help but be confused — or hopeful.

Actor Fisher Stevens standing between a dream pairing

The episode featuring Gershon as detective Danielle Hill will air March 13. Will you watch it, even if you’re not a Numb3rs person?

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