“Jane the Virgin” recap (2.2): A Rose by any other face


Previously on Jane the Virgin, Sin Rosestro kidnapped Mateo, but Michael got him back by trading him for a broach full of secrets. Rafael was the worst, but not as bad as Petra who turkey basted herself with Rafael’s sperm. Luisa and Juicy fought about Rose, and Luisa ruined an important meeting by having a lesbian meltdown. Jane continued to be one of the best characters on television.

This week, our faithful narrator takes us back in time to when Jane and Michael were dating and she tried to be into the things he was into. She had to draw the line at a ridiculous camping trip during a heatwave, and Michael drew the line at a make out sesh because Jane stunk to high heaven. Flash forward, and it’s been days since Jane has taken a shower and things are getting ripe. Xiomora and Abuela try to ease her in, but Jane changes her mind and takes a nap instead. 

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Afterwards, Xiomora gives Jane a reality check and some ribbing about her two boyfriends. If you thought Rafael and Michael were about to embark on a bromance, think again. The two men offer to take Jane out to lunch to get her out of the house and into the fresh air. This should be fun.

Petra is getting acupuncture when Scott decides to confront her about the sperm theft again. Scott wants a big promotion and Petra needs to convince Rafael of this or Scott spills the beans. 

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Also in hot water are Rogelio and Xiomora, who are being sued by the Vegas promoters for skipping their show for Mateo’s birth. In order to drop the suit, they want the couple to perform on a cruise ship, a thought which practically gives Rogelio hives. Xiomora however, has a sensible head, and decides they must attend the meeting about the cruise ship.

While Michael and Rafael grumble at each other over lunch, Jane escapes to the bathroom to change Mateo. There she is visited by the imaginary Bachelorette Jane, with rose and champagne in hand.

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BJane wants actual Jane to make a decision between the two men, but before she can get too far, Jane sees a woman who looks just like Rose from the back.

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Relax, lesbians and Luisa, it’s just a lady with red hair. It’s enough to make Jane unsettled though, which she tells the men when she returns to the table. Michael decides to let Jane know that Rose very likely had surgery and could pretty much look like anyone now. Cue Jane’s freak out, and a room full of Bridget Regans. You’re welcome. 

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