“Botched” helps DJ Lezlee with her bad boob job and poses an interesting question about lesbian relationships


Botched is E!’s reality series about plastic surgery gone wrong and this week’s episode featured Los Angeles-based lesbian DJ Lezlee Hornedo. If Lezlee looks familiar to those of you outside of LA, it’s likely because she looks exactly like her sister, Natalie, who was on The Real L Word‘s first season as Rose’s girlfriend.


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When we first meet Lezlee, we also meet her girlfriend, Angie, who is also a DJ.

“Angie and I have been partners for six years on and off,” Lezlee says. “Angie is the sweetest person I know, and she loves me, but it’s definitely hard to look at her breasts and mine because her look amazing and mine look deformed.”

When they go into meet the show’s plastic surgeon stars, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, Lezlee introduces Angie as her support system. But a few minutes later, the doctors are asking how long they’ve known each other and how often they see one another.

“We live together,” Angie says, and there is slight discomfort on Lezlee face.


“Are you together together?” Dr. Dubrow asks. “It’s none of my business, but I just imagine [Angie] had [her] breasts done to great result, and [Lezlee] had [her] breast done and didn’t have great result. You’re a woman, and it’s a different kind of situation here. It’s one thing when you’re with a man and it’s like, ‘Oh, whatever, they’re your breasts.'”


It’s an interesting idea posited, that women who are in same-sex relationships would compare themselves with their partners’ bodies more than those who are in heterosexual relationships. Interestingly, a study done last year indicated that while lesbian-identified women found larger body types more appealing than their heterosexual counterparts, they also compared their bodies to their partners just as much as straight women do. For better or for worse, our having noticeable differences as much as we have similarities can be a daily reminder of our own insecurities, but not because we are lesbians. It has more to do with the outside factors of societal pressures and ideals than our sexual identities.


“Angie definitely has what I wanted. It’s depressing to see her have the perky full breast and I have ginormous saggy breast,” Lezlee says. But a few minutes later, she tells the camera, “Angie makes me feel like I’m good, saggy boob no boobs, I’m still good. But I know that I’m not right in that area.”

They immediately find Lezlee’s 10-pound breast implants to be bringing her down, literally. She needs a reduction and a lift, and Angie is there to support her decision to go smaller, saying, “Whatever makes her happy.”

Surgery goes off without a hitch, and Lezlee comes out with the chichotas (her term) of her dreams. She ends the episode with a reveal at a private pool party among friends and family. 


You can watch the episode on on demand and as it replays on E! (frequently). It’s also available online with your cable provider log-in. Find Lezlee on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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