“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.4): Honest Abe


Well, we should have know what was to come when the official emoji for this week’s show was a box of tissues. Oh, Grey’s, you never fail to pull our hearts in every direction. Last week was all about babies, but this week focuses on the elderly. What the hospital staff calls a “Silver Flood.”

Arizona learns about love

The LadyDocs, Maggie, Amelia and Meredith are throwing a dinner party at their place, and April and Arizona are nervous that Jackson and Callie’s new lady Penny might be there, so they agree to ask for each other. Callie doesn’t know about Jackson, but she gets all squirrely when April asks about Penny. Arizona assures Callie that she’s TOTALLY FINE WITH IT, so Callie says she’ll ask if Penny is busy. Arizona wants to badly to be cool with it.

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Okay, so a silver flood is when there’s an accident or incident that brings a lot of elderly patients into the ER. This time, it was a bus accident on the way to a senior citizen cruise. There’s many injured, and some critically, but our focus is on two patients. Love birds and nonagenarians, Gabby and Abe. They’ve been a couple for five years, but they aren’t married. Geez, can’t two people in their ’90s just mess around without the shackles of traditional marriage? They joke that they are just shacking up but they are madly in love and much more concerned about each other’s well being than their own. They leave Abe in the corridor while Gabby gets a CT. It’s also where he meets Arizona, or Dr. Sweetheart. He asks about Gabby and thanks to her handy tablet she can tell him that Gabby is still getting a CT. He then inquires about jello, which makes Arizona smile ear to ear. 

Over delicious jello, Abe tells Arizona about the day he met Gabby and it was love at first sight. He whips out an engagement ring, which Arizona adorably pretends he’s presenting to her. I love seeing this side of Arizona; so open and fun. It’s like the old Arizona we loved so much, but yet new at the same time. Abe was planning to propose on the cruise, but before he can tell her all about how he and Gabby met, she gets a page and has to go. She promises to come back to hear the rest and bring more jello.

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Is your heart full? Are you smiling? Well, this is Grey’s, so buckle up. When Arizona returns, she finds that Abe has passed in his sleep, just minutes before. She’s devastated in a way that surprises her. She heads to the supply room and breaks down into tears. April finds her sobbing and tries to comfort her. Arizona admits that she never thought she would find love after Callie, but after listening to Abe and Gabby’s story, it gave her a hope she hadn’t dared to have. It actually makes her tears of sadness turn to joy. Of course, April starts to cry because of Jackson but Arizona gently reminds her that this isn’t about her. Ha!

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When it comes time for the party and Callie and Penny show up, Arizona finds that she needs more liquid courage to deal. I feel that, girl. You should never have to make it through an episode of Grey’s without a glass of wine.

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Well, it looks like Arizona’s nerves are actually the least of the problems concerning Callie and Penny. When Meredith answers the door, Callie’s date, the woman who is making her all butterflies and smiley faces, is one of the doctors who worked on Derek after the accident. They instantly recognize each other, and it’s not good. Callie is totally unaware, and my heart hurts a little for her in this moment. This is going to be hella awkward.

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