“Arrow” recap (4.1 & 4.2): Rising Star (City)


HI HELLO WELCOME BACK TO ARROW. Sorry I didn’t give you guys a recap last week, but A) it was super straight and B) it was the beginning of New York Comic Con, where everything was geeky and queer and nothing hurt. So, welcome to your first Arrow recap of the season, where I shall combine both episodes into one to prepare us for what will hopefully be the first (and not the last) episode with both queer female characters in it next week.

Previously on Arrow, after Captain Lance spent the season being grumpy and terrible, Roy turned himself in as the Arrow and then faked his own death, Oliver lied to everyone while undercover with the League of Assassins, Damien Darhk threatened to be the newest Big Bad, and Felicity and Oliver rode off happily into the sunset, finally together.

Unlike Peyton and Lucas, however, Oliver and Felicity didn’t disappear forever. We open on Oliver running in a green hood, but instead of being suited up and chasing bad guys, it’s just a sweatshirt and he’s just running through Pleasantville. He jogs into his home that he shares with Felicity, the two of them drowning in suburban bliss.

Arrow 401-1 Happy Felicity = happy me.

We see a lighter side of Oliver, smiling like some kind of Stephen Amell, and he even makes a reference to his Past by using his Arrow voice to tell Felicity she has failed this omelette. It’s really freaking adorable. Felicity is running Palmer Industries remotely while planning brunches and it’s just great.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Thea are on a motorcycle chasing after armed robbers.

Arrow 401-2Caw caw, motherfuckers!

Thea is loving every second of it. Laurel is just doing her duty. Thea wants to be called the Red Arrow now, Diggle finally has a mask of his own, and Laurel is still Canarying away in her sister’s memory.

They seem like they’re doing okay, but this particular group of hellions is giving them trouble and they’re starting to feel in over their heads. These baddies, called “Ghosts,” are taking over the city bit by bit. Laurel wants to call Oliver for help, Diggle would rather ask literally anyone else. Thea is somewhere in between.

Here’s the deal with the Ghosts: They are plentiful, they are organized, and they have cyanide capsules in their teeth so they are never taken alive to be interrogated. Captain Lance is still convinced they have everything out of control, and that their newly branded Star City is just fine.

A meeting of Very Important Individuals is interrupted by Dum Dum Dugan, strolling in and introducing himself as the leader of the Ghosts. He wants the city to die in order to be reborn. He wants to kill it and throw it in the Lazarus pit. He’s creepy and very rude to the only woman in the meeting and also he was super insane on Desperate Housewives so just generally not a man to be trusted.

Back to suburbia, where Felicity is chugging mimosas trying to power through talk of slow-cookers and preschool applications for kids they haven’t even talked about talking about yet.

Arrow 401-3 #SPENCERHALP

When Felicity gets up to refill her mimosa, the couple Olicity is brunching with asks Oliver to see the ring—and sure enough, he whips out an engagement ring. It’s his mother’s ring, and he’s planning on using it to propose tonight. When Felicity comes back, she drops the bottle of champagne, but Oliver’s vigilante reflexes kick in and he catches it. Still got it.

In Star City, Laurel is walking with the District Attorney when she drops dead because her coffee was poisoned. Chaos ensues, Laurel calls Diggle to keep an eye on all of the Very Important People, Ghosts start invading, Lance is cornered. The Very Important People that Thea and Diggle find are hella dead, but after a quick costume change, Laurel saves her dad.

Arrow 401-4 Okay well they save each other.

Lance quotes Monty Python and says his shot shoulder is “just a flesh wound.” Making jokes to his daughter in the face of danger? He’s come a long way since we’ve seen him last.

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