Vote Now! The 2015 AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Tournament: Round 1



It’s time to get voting for your favorite femslash pairings! We received a ton of nominations and whittled down the list to these 32 couples. (If you are wondering why Clexa and Shoot didn’t make the list, it’s because they are canon! Yay!)

So, let’s get this out of the way. Now, we get that you are passionate about femslash, because we are too, but we are trying to make this fair. Each person gets one vote per hour, per poll. In the past, accusations of cheating have threatened to spoil everyone’s fun, and no one wants that. Also, we will be actively investigating this, so please don’t cheat.

The full list of nominees is below, and the match-ups were randomly selected. Have fun, vote with your heart, and may the best femslash couples rise to the top! (And a big thanks to Jenna Duggan-Lykes for the graphics!)

You have until noon PST on Tuesday, October 20th to vote in this round.

Update 10/20: The polls are now closed.


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