“Gotham” recap (2.4): The Rise of the Mini-Caps


Gotham-ites, I think we’re all here for one thing and one thing only: the continuing escapades of badass bisexual Barbara Keane. Sadly, Barbara is relegated to the sidelines once again, making two brief appearances before the episode’s end. Now that Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is taking over the GCPD, Gotham has attained new levels of bro-ness. Instead of recapping the non-stop bromance of every man on this show, I’m shifting my recaps firmly into the female camp.

Yes, it is exciting that Barbara and Tabitha are now sleeping together. This episode treats us to another Sapphic make-out, and while they are beautiful and have great chemistry, these characters are given nothing to work with. Once again, Gotham gives us two badass female characters and relegates them to window dressing. Barbara is a crazed criminal. Tabitha is a hard-core assassin. And what do they spend this episode doing? Eating popsicles and helping Theo get dressed.


We also meet new recruit Officer Josie, a fresh cadet who we meet sparring with a large dude. She kicks his ass, but Gotham giveth and taketh away. She gets shot in her chest, and while she’s saved by her bulletproof vest, I fear her days are numbered.

Did I mention that Alfred slapped Selina in the face? A fully grown man slapping down a teenaged girl on network television. What the actual fuck is going on in Gotham? I’m not even getting into the creepy date between Miss Kringle and Ed Nigma. I can’t imagine she’ll make it out of this season alive.


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