“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.03): The Forest of Eternal Manpain


In Storybrooke, Arthur visits his squire, who was put up to the task of “robbing” the reliquary by the king himself. Arthur says he’s going to let David keep thinking he’s a hero. He wants to build a new Camelot right here in this new world, but to do so, the squire needs to die, lest they use magic to get the truth from him. The squire doesn’t love the idea, but does it anyway, for his king.

Belle goes to Granny’s for a sammich, but can’t stay because her rose is almost out of petals.

OUAT 503-7“I promised Ruby I’d call her as soon as I was single again.”

But as she runs out the door, Granny points out that something weird is happening, and they all watch as the rose rebuilds itself to full health. Belle runs back to the shop, but Gold is gone.

Emma has Gold in her lair, along with the sword she tricked Hook into telling her touched Rumple before he became the Dark One—which is exactly what she needed to cure Gold.

OUAT 503-8Proving she really is Dark, because no one wants that.

Emma heals him, he wakes up, and then she tells him that since he’s now neither dark nor light, she can shape him into the hero she needs. Even though we all know which hero she’s holding out for til the end of the night.

What did you think of “Siege Perilous”? Way too much testosterone, amiright?

Counting down the days until this, tbh:

As usual, you guys make even a bad episode hilarious. Here are our favorite #queerytales tweets from this week:

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