Hollywood Qcast: “American Horror Story,” “HTGAWM” and guest “Chasing Life” EP Joni Lefkowitz


Hollywood QCast is AfterEllen’s new podcast in conjunction with Xfinity LGBT‘s Jim Halterman, a gay entertainment journalist who has contributed to AE in the past and is pretty much an honorary lesbian. He also brought Dylan’s father back from the dead as a writer on the last season of 90210.


On this week’s episode, we chat about the queerness of American Horror Story: Hotel and How to Get Away with Murder before chatting with out executive producer and co-creator Joni Lefkowitz of ABC Family’s Chasing Life and the 2014 film Life Partners. Also: Stonewall, Freeheld and more.

Thank you to Samee Junio for recording the podcast, Jenna Lykes for our logo, and Kathryn Lounsbery for our funky theme track. You can follow Hollywood Qcast on Twitter and Instagram.

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