Call for Nominations: The 2015 AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Tournament



Let’s get ready to rumble, because it’s time to get our Femslash on! This year marks our Fourth Annual Femslash Tournament and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the event where subtext reigns supreme. Whether you are new to the tournament or an old pro, here’s the scoop:

  • Femslash couples must be non-canon, meaning they are not an established romantic couple on the show, movie, etc.
  • They cannot be real people. Looking for strictly characters here.
  • They can be from books, comic books, television, film, web series or even theatre (looking at you, Elphaba and Glinda).
  • They can be from the same show or cross-show. That means you can nominate Jane and Maura, but you could also nominate Maura and Xena. (Hey, I’m sure there’s a fanfic out there for that.)

You have from today until October 13th to submit your nominations, and the first round will officially begin that day as well. You can leave your nominations in the comments or tweet, Tumblr or Facebook us your ideas with the hashtag #Femslash2015. (Special thanks to Jenna Duggan-Lykes for designing this year’s graphics.)

Who do you think should reign supreme? Will Swanqueen take it again this year, or will another femslash couple grab the prize? As always, we will do our darndest to score interviews with the winners.

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