“Lost Girl” recap (5.13): There will be blood


While she goes to see Trick, Trick has gone to see Aife to set her free from the institution. He apologizes for failing her, she thanks him for saving Bo. They hug it out and then all hell breaks loose–or at least arrives at the door.

Bo can’t find Trick or Aife, so heads to the penthouse where she finds both in a grotesque living–or, more accurately, dying–portrait. Their throats have been slit, courtesy Daddy Darkness, of course. But Trick is still clinging to life, so Bo pulls him from the gory tableau.


Bo blames herself and tries to leave to get help, but Trick implores her to stay with her. Um, maybe Fae vocal chords work differently, but if you slit someone’s throat they most definitely cannot talk. Nor can they remind someone with their last dying breath that they are their blood, too. Not to take away from the sadness of this moment and all, but does that mean Bo can also write history with her blood? The Blood King is dead, long live the Blood Queen!

At the lab Lauren tells Tamsin there’s one more test she wants to run. Yep, you guessed it, it’s an ultrasound. Rape and now unwanted, probably demonic, pregnancy? Perfect. These are exactly the kind of high notes I was hoping this show would end on.


Dyson limps into the penthouse–so much for the no one goes anywhere alone rule–to find Bo sitting over the bodies of Trick and Aife. He tells her they have to go, but she doesn’t respond. Like poor Estelle before her, she is completely shutdown.



No Kenzi, no Kenzism. Dammit, show, you’re running out of episodes to bring her back.


Bless you, Estelle, in all your boobie-grabbing glory.


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