“Lost Girl” recap (5.13): There will be blood


Bo goes to confront Trick, and tells him he is not a good father. He agrees–and probably should have added he isn’t so hot at being a grandfather either. Bo tells him she doesn’t know who to believe anymore. Trick tells her to think. Hades used Aife to create what he wanted: her.

So finally, after five damn seasons, Trick hands over a box with all his files on Aife and says it’s time nothing is kept from her anymore. She must draw her own conclusions and own truths. And then he apologizes. Families, man, they’re never easy.


At the Suck Shack Bo starts watching Aife’s tapes from the institution. Lauren and Tamsin arrive and they all see a crazed Aife rant about how she should have killed the “evil” Bo. And then they watch her visitor logs, which include Trick and also Bo–or something that looks like Bo. She realizes Jacks was escaping to impersonate her.

Tamsin realizes it, too. She asks, shakily, if the other night they were really together–the night Lauren and her broke up. But they weren’t. OK, so that is beyond fucked up. Wow, show. There’s dark and then there’s Bo’s-dad-raped-Tamsin dark. Please allow me to express my feelings on this storyline by vomiting in solidarity into a trashcan with poor Tamsin.


Tamsin vows to rip him into millions of pieces and feed him to dogs. Well, now, that’s just mean to dogs. The Faevengers arrive at the penthouse to take on Jack. Guys, you know I love you, but what exactly is your plan? Oh, just hit him a bunch of times in the face with your fists? Then stab him once with that dagger? And finally wolf out in his general direction?

Yeah, guys, I think your plan needs work. Because Jack just stabs Dyson back and then taunts Tamsin. At least he also helpfully explains to Bo he can impersonate blood relations only.


They retreat to tend to their wounds and bruised egos. Bo decides to get proactive and uses the dagger to cut off Papa Hades’ mark once and for all. Back at the Penthouse his hand glows blue, then goes out and he utters a simple, “Ouch.” Well that showed him!


Afterward Bo uses Dyson to feed, despite Lauren’s protestations and general presence. These writers just love to poke the fandom hornet’s nest with a stick, don’t they? Bo tells everyone to stay together and not go anywhere alone–which is probably the smartest plan anyone on this show has had in a while–and then runs off on her own. Never mind, scratch that last part.


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