“Lost Girl” recap (5.13): There will be blood


At the Suck Shack, Aife is raiding Bo’s closet. She’s not a regular mom; she’s a cool mom. She tells Bo everything she said was true, and that she loved Jack. But she thought deep down there was good in him–but she was wrong. Man, no one seems to be grasping this whole “I am darkness” thing.


Bo calls Dyson for help, because this show won’t be content until it strings every fandom along one last time. They ask what her plan is to get Hades, and Aife says Bo should know because it was her plan. It was the plan they made up when “Bo” came to visit her in the asylum. Evil takes many forms, but so far, all of those forms look like Bo.

This news sends Aife into another tailspin and she tries to stab Bo. You know, normal mother-daughter stuff.


At the Dal, two blondes are silently sipping beer together. One blonde says to the other blonde, “Hey, did I cross the line turning myself into something I’m not to be with a girl forever?” And the other blonde says, “No, I totally get it–I made a terrible deal to live a little longer.”

And then the second blonde adds, “Oh, also I slept with that girl you just broke up with.” And then the first blonde says, “That’s OK, even though I changed my entire physiology to be with her, I then broke up with her so I have no right to tell her what to do.” And then they both keep drinking beer.


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