“Lost Girl” recap (5.13): There will be blood


Speaking of past mistakes, poor Tamsin is trying to wash that girl right out of her hair. But instead her hair washes right out–in a huge clump. And this, as we know from Valkyrie lore (or what is left of it after that trip to Valkyrie High), this is a bad thing.


Bo is now also reading Dyson the riot act about not telling her about her mom’s institutionalization (Kenzi knew too, apparently–but sadly she isn’t around to get any rioting directed at her). He admits they made the wrong call but, once again, they were all trying to protect her.

If I’ve learned anything from five seasons of watching this show it is that 1) big, seemingly impossible Fae rituals will inevitably turn out to be lame and, 2) keeping big, seemingly painful things from Bo to protect her will inevitably backfire. Oh, and 3) getting Lauren and Bo back together will inevitably lead to yet another big, painful breakup.


At the asylum Bo asks to interview Aife’s roommate. The nurse says she can try, but Estelle hasn’t talked in 300 years since shutting down to survive after her entire family was murdered. Did it just get dark out? Must have been the foreshadowing.

Bo gives Estelle a little love touch and she starts talking–about Bo’s childhood photos on the wall, about Aife doing well, about the sudden change that caused her to do worse. But then Estelle fades, so Bo has to juice her again. But this time it was a tad bit too much. Hey, you gotta give the lady credit–you’re never too old for a little sugar.


Next Lauren calls with the totally unsurprising news that Jack has escaped. How is this shocking to anyone? You all knew he could come and go whenever he pleased. So can we fast forward this part and get to the sending him back to hell part, please?

But first, and this is crucial, we must talk about why Bo’s dad thinks she had a five-head. I mean, I know he is the devil, but that’s just evil.


Bo goes to Zeus’ former penthouse to yell at her dad for that sketch. But she stumbled in on that family reunion everyone knew was coming instead. Aife greets her first, with something inappropriately flirty. Bo implores her to leave, but mother says it’s time for dinner.

Aife says now they’re all one big happy family. But Bo keeps bringing her down with words like “torture” and “cage.” So Daddy Darkness and Mommy Craziest spin their side of the story: How Trick sent her to the dark dungeons, how Jack saved her, how Trick had her institutionalized, how Jack saved her. Stop me if you notice a theme.


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