“Once Upon A Time” recap (5.02): Hell hath no Fury


Previously on Once Upon A Time, Emma became the Dark One, and spent a day wandering around the Enchanted Forest trying not to succumb to the Rumple-shaped voice in her head while chasing Merida, Team Charming showed up and talked Emma down, Emma gave Regina the Dark One dagger because she was the only one she trusted with it, and King Arthur brought everyone to Camelot for six weeks so fun that they all forget what happened when they land back in Storybrooke, Regina without the dagger and Emma more evil than ever.

We open with the dwarves, since they just DEMANDED more storyline this season, driving to the town line with the Sneezy Statue strapped to the roof. They want to know what this new curse does, so they vote that Dopey is the one to cross. Before they can shove him over the line, David, Mary Margaret and Regina zip in and try to stop them. Grumpy points out that Emma is the most unbeatable villain they’ve faced, since Emma’s always the one beating the villains and all. He says, who’s gonna save them from this new evil, Regina? Regina makes a face that says, “Well not with that attitude I won’t,” but lets Grumpy go on with making the quietest among them a guinea pig. Dopey crosses the line and at first everything’s fine…but then he turns into a tree. Regina is actually a little impressed—she didn’t think there was a curse she hadn’t seen (or made).

OUAT 502-1I would have gone with poison ivy, but okay.

Flash back to six weeks ago, when King Arthur welcomes Team Charming to his court and introduces them to his wife, Guinevere, who gives me a bit of a secret-evil vibe, but maybe that’s just me and my trust issues. Everyone bows to her and they announce they have prepared a ball for their new friends. Zelena hisses to Regina that she wants to be uncuffed, but Regina silences her and says she’ll be her mute handmaiden if she doesn’t want to get locked in Granny’s freezer.

OUAT 502-2“Threaten Emma again, I’ll melt you for real.”

On Charming’s behest, Arthur leads the Team to Merlin…who is currently a tree in the backyard. Arthur asks why they’re so eager for Merlin to help them, and Charming says the Dark One is threatening their home. Arthur says the prophecy told of a Savior, and asks who that might be. Emma steps forward but Regina secretly silences her with the dagger and steps forward and claims the position herself. She says they just want to save Merlin and stop the Dark One so they can all go home, and when she says “home” she looks right into Emma’s eyes and she doesn’t mean Storybrooke when she says “home,” she means Emma, good and light again.

Present-day Hook wants to know why Belle’s kiss didn’t save Rumple, and she tells him that the whole True Love’s Kiss thing isn’t an exactly science or a cure-all, it only works when the writers can’t think of any other way out of a mess they’ve gotten themselves into. She also points out that a curse isn’t a curse anymore once the inflicted wants it, meaning there might not be a curse to break when it comes to Emma and her hair powder.

Out on the pier, Henry calls Emma by calling her name three times and even though she appears like Bloody Mary in the mirror, she tells him not to be scared. Henry apologizes for failing her, but she insists it’s everyone else’s fault.

OUAT 502-3Especially those two idiots.

Regina steps in and asks why Emma erased their memories. When she doesn’t get an answer she says it doesn’t matter, she’ll get them back. Emma says they’ll never break this curse, because she learned from Regina (!) and they can’t break it without a Savior. Henry thinks Regina could be the Savior they need, but Emma pretends like she knows Regina doesn’t have it in her. She says it because she knows it will cut Regina deep, hearing that Emma, the one who is usually on her side, doesn’t believe in her. Emma says there’s a problem coming to Storybrooke that only a Savior can solve and taunts her further by saying it’s too bad they don’t have one anymore. 

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