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Question: I heard that Jenny Shimizu is going to be one of the judges on Make Me A Supermodel. Are there going to be any lesbian or bisexual contestants on the show this season?

— Annie M., Seattle, WA

CJ and Jenny Shimizu of Make Me a Supermodel

Answer: I just saw a screener for the first episode of Bravo’s modeling competition, and I’m happy to report that in addition to having the out lesbian model/actor as a host, they also have an openly bisexual contestant, CJ, on the show.

Here’s her bio from the show’s official website:

CJ is a driven and confident woman who likes to always be in control as she juggles her busy life. Currently an engineering student, she also works as a private investigator. CJ lives with her boyfriend in her hometown of San Ramona, Calif., and is a motorcycle stunt enthusiast. A huge fan of the outdoors, CJ loves shooting, rock climbing, and soccer, which she has played for ten years. She’s been modeling since she signed with Revolution management.

After reading the statement, I almost expected it to be accompanied by a list of her superpowers. But, alas, that is a different show altogether.

The good news about CJ is that within the first 10 minutes of the show, she comes out as bisexual. The bad news? That moment is the high point for her in the episode.

In one of the challenges, each contestant is paired with another and asked to create and model “an intimate moment” in a public setting. CJ is paired with another woman, Jordan, and you’d think her bisexuality would give her an advantage. But instead, CJ acts like she’s never been alone with a lingerie-clad woman in a glass box suspended over Manhattan! (Yes, that was the assignment, not some random image conjured from my own psyche.) Her modeling partner, Jordan, however does a great job.

The new season of Make Me a Supermodel premieres next Wednesday, March 4, at 10 pm (9 pm central) on Bravo. Look for mini-caps of the episodes by bad machine on the blog starting next Thursday.

Question: It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for the Amy Poehler/Rachel Dratch/a whole lot of interesting people in smaller roles movie Spring Breakdown to come out. Any chance of that happening some time soon?

Leora, Jerusalem, Israel

Parker Posey, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch in Spring Breakdown

Answer: Yes, though you won’t get to enjoy the excitement of seeing it on the big screen with overpriced, stale Jujubes in your hand. The film debuted at the most recent Sundance Film Festival and will have direct-to-video release by Warner Premiere on April 9.

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