Eve and Annalise continue to rekindle their romance on “How to Get Away With Murder”


Last night’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder followed-up on Annalise’s bisexual reveal from the Season 2 premiere. Famke Janssen reappeared as Eve, Annalise’s ex-girlfriend who is a bad ass lawyer with a closet full of tailored blazers. Together, they are one hot power couple. But they aren’t officially together, as proven by their conversation at the top of the ep:

Eve: You’re freaked out, aren’t you. About the other night? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to mean anything. We just…had fun. Well, at least I did.

Annalise: So did I. [laughs]

Eve: [laughs] This is crazy Annalise. I want to say I feel bad or at least a little bit guilty. But no wonder everyone’s having affairs.


Inside the courtroom, A.D.A. Emily Sinclair brings up their relationship and Eve plays it down. “We were acquaintances in law school, yes, as I was with 1500 other Harvard law students at the time.” But this was all brought up to bring up the theory that Annalise was a part of her husband’s murder, working alongside Detective Nate Lahey. (Close but no cigar!) 


Out showrunner Peter Nowalk recently talked with Business Insider about how he decided to feature this storyline:

“Her husband was having an affair and was possibly a murderer and it was very dark version of Annalise. I kept thinking, ‘I wonder what Annalise was like before all of this happened … She wasn’t always feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.’ So that’s where the instinct came, I wanted to get a glimpse of who she was when she was our students’ age. From there, came the character of Eve.”

In an interview with The Wrap, Famke talked about receiving the first scripts and seeing what she’d be doing on the show, including last night’s racy ep:

“I read it, and I just thought, ‘Yes! This is really such a great relationship between these two.’ I think for people who watch the show and have specific expectations for Annalise, I think is just a really interesting coupling of two people to put together. And the history between the two of them. 


“[Viola Davis] is one of the nicest sweetest joyful people I’ve ever met and I wanted to give her a chance to show that side of Annalise as well,” Pete said. “And what better way to do that than with your ex-girlfriend who you might not be in contact with but when you see her, I think Annalise lightened up in a way that reminds us of who she used to be. It’s like when you see your old friends, you just become a college student again and that’s the kind of energy we wanted to bring on the show.”


Back to the episode: Eve goes in on Annalise when she takes the stand, causing a mistrial and the release of Detective Lahey. Later that night, Eve stops by to apologize, but Annalise is upset she made it so personal. It hurt her, and it’s not often we see a vulnerable side of Annalise. But Eve said it’s because she’s stuck in love with her. She’s been with “plenty of other women” and “buries herself in work,” but Annalise still “has her.” She hates it because she can’t have her; Annalise is not a kept woman. 

“Look at me. It was good with you. And real. Too real. So I got scared, and I left,” Annalise said. 


And then they get it on again. Dammit, Annalise, you are really making it hard for Eve to move on! But she has to. Now that the case is over, and Eve knows she’s never going to be Annalise’s bae, she makes her exit after one last kiss. So do we have hope that Eve will return? 

“There’s a very good chance she’ll come back,” Pete said. “I think Famke Janssen plays Eve wonderfully, because she brings the lighter and less heavy energy to the show.”


Famke said she’s filmed three episodes, but Pete said she’s only in two, and the end of this week’s indicates she won’t return anytime soon. So maybe we will eventually see more of Eve, but not in the near future.

“I think we’ll just have to wait and see. [After last night’s episode], people will probably have less questions after they see that. Or maybe some more. Because it’s left open as to what is going to happen next,” Famke said. “And we don’t really know exactly what that is. None of us do. It might have another element of shock to it. I think it’s beautiful, it’s emotional. And it’s fun. When I read all of it, I thought, ‘On network television, really? That’s fantastic. I thought cable did these types of things.’ I’m really excited about it. I really hope that the audience continues to like Eve and her together with Annalise. Or not together with Annalise.”

Or both? I’m so conflicted! But I think, mostly, I want them together, and Eve to be a regular part of the TGIT. Surely I’m not alone.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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