“Rosewood” recap (1.2): No Such Thing as TMI


Within the first five minutes of this week’s Rosewood, we were subject to watching straight people make out with and groping each other for several scenes. We should start a One Million Lesbians group to try and protest such a thing!

While Rosie is being a perfect gentleman and not taking advantage of his drunk crush, Detective Annalise Villa is being anything but ladylike and is punching some dude in the bar because he grabbed her arm, yet everyone says she has anger issues. Sorry, if some dude is grabbing me by the arm and won’t let go when I tell him to stop, HE’S GETTING PUNCHED.

Anyways, lets cut to the chase: Rosie gets a call during his morning-after breakfast date with Nicole Ari Parker, asking him to get to the police station and help the captain who is feeling under the weather. While he is there, the station gets a call about a human foot found buried on the beach and he runs off to try and land the job. Which brings me to my first unanswered question: Why does Rosie have to beat everyone to the crime scene in order to get the job? I don’t see any other pathologists trying to take it away from him.

Rosie takes it upon himself to head to the beach even though the cops told him not to, where he starts throwing around all the information he knows about severed feet, ultimately landing him the job, which then pisses off Detective Annalise. He better be careful because she can throw a mean right hook!

After the beach, Rosie makes his way to the lab to find his sister Pippy and her fiance TMI doing what they do best: WORKING. Oh, and singing “Lady Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge with each other, which I told my wife we should sometime and she didn’t seem into it. At this point I am starting to feel like Pippy and TMI are only meant to be props in the background to make sure Fox meets some type of LGBT diversity quota.


Back at the police station, Detective Annalise is called into the captain’s office to tell her she needs to see a mental health professional, due to not being able to handle the loss of her husband—and she is getting a partner. Rosie storms in with a cooler of supplies for the sick Captain, who looks less than thrilled at Rosie’s new life-changing plan for him. (Second unanswered question: Can people who are not part of the police force just barge into a police Captains office like that? Especially while he is talking to someone else about a very serious topic!)

In order to kill time until the lab results on the foot come through, Rosie follows Detective Villa to the local watering hole and tries to get her to open up about her feelings and asking her questions about her life. Their dynamic is actually very annoying to me, its like flirting but angrier and more childish. They also play a round of pool, meaning TMI and Pippy are back at the lab DOING ALL THE WORK.

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