“Lost Girl” recap (5.12): But, seriously, what the Fae-k was that?


Previously on Lost Girl: We go back to Valkyrie High. Sarah Connor is back from the past. Tamsin is back in the friendzone.


Repeat after me: Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness is…hot. Really, really hot. So, Bo is getting clean in the shower with Lauren. I’m sorry, did I say clean? I meant diiiirrty. Like blues eyes blazing in the rain showerhead diiiirrty.

Our two lovebirds and cleaning enthusiasts kiss, and then kiss some more. Then they exchange chi. But it’s Lauren who ends up dominate, taking chi from a still somewhat bewildered Bo. Yes, Bo, this is really happening. I know because I rewound the scene about two to 27 times. But who is counting?


Afterward, Lauren is starving. Chi sucking is apparently the munchies-creating equivalent of smoking a bowl. Lauren asks Bo if she wants pizza, and the answer to that question is always yes. I mean, is that even a question. Bo agrees, but tells Lauren she called for pizza half an hour ago already. Doesn’t she remember?

Lauren says of course she does. She was just kidding. This is just her wacky sense of humor. Wacky! Humor! I totally understand because I always pretend I can’t find my phone but then, surprise, I’m sitting on it. I’m hilarious; you wish you knew me.


But Bo has concerns. What happens if Lauren holds on for too long to someone Fae? What is this TGIF? What to do you mean “we?” Lauren lets slip she worked with Jack/Daddy Darkness to figure out the stem cell equation.

Bo is not happy Lauren partook in this paternal assist, because as we all know the devil is up to no good. But Lauren just wants her girlfriend to be happy for her because this is a step in the “forever” direction. And Lauren says it feels like she doesn’t trust her. But Bo gets saved from answering that question by the pizza. See, I told you, pizza fixes everything.


Speaking of not trusting Hades, the woman he pretended to disappear off the face of the Earth strides up to some otherworldly blacksmith. She hands him his shield and says something about not failing her. On the way out, she runs into one of her vessel’s old co-workers. I just hate that when that happens. So she snaps her neck.