“Lost Girl” recap (5.11): This one time at Valkyrie Academy


Back in the day Freyja used Stacey as a snitch to find out what Acacia and Tamsin were up to. Then she rewarded her by making her valedictorian and fired Acacia. Tamsin protests, because Valkyries were meant to fly into battle not clean up after their messes. And she emphasizes her point with her brand new wings.


Now, granted, her wings are extremely cool and all, but weren’t Valkyrie only supposed to get their wings on their last life? This whole timeline thing is terribly confounding.

Well, regardless, Freyja expels her for good measure. Then Stacey and her other friends refuse to go with her. So she leaves them with one final salute. And that’s how Tamsin became Tamsin.


In real time, Tamsin tries to find out what Freyja is hiding. But when she won’t give it up they have a doubt off. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty hard trying to doubt the Mother of Valkyries on your own. Luckily, she has a little help from her friends.

Freyja admits that Hades pulled the short straw to get Tartarus on purpose. He wanted to build an army in the darkness. She was just a fraud with a nice cinnamon roll. I’m sorry; I’m still a little hungry. So Tamsin takes the necklace from her. I dunno, maybe she is hungry, too.


By revealing Freyja’s deepest fear, Tamsin can take her soul. But instead she installs Acacia as the rightful overseer of Valhalla. I still don’t really understand the succession rules in Valkyrie culture. But for a society of warriors, that was a pretty bloodless coup.

Acacia calls Tamsin her best student, and then asks if she understands why Hades picked her to find Bo. Please say no, Tam-Tam, because I have no idea and would like to know, too.


One more flashback sort of tells us–sort of. Teen Tam finds Acacia packing up to go. Acacia tells her she was born to lead, not serve. And one day she will lead an army into battle. But she doesn’t believe it then, and still doesn’t believe it now.

Tamsin apologizes to Acacia for falling in love with the target, Bo. But Acacia tells her falling in love opened her up to vulnerabilities, and now she can tap into all of her emotions–and her powers. That is how she was able to finally doubt Acacia. Hm, that sounds like a good condolence card for the recently dumped. Bad breakup? Don’t worry, one day you’ll lead armies!


Of course, it doesn’t take away the hurt. Our poor Valkyrie is still pretty broken up about the Succubus who got away. Yet she says she doesn’t regret loving Bo. How you doing, Team Valkubus? Just checking in, making sure everyone has enough Kleenex and other supplies. Consider it a cross-fandom courtesy service.