A “Mistress” goes back to men?


Fans of the BBC series Mistresses were delighted when Jessica (Shelley Conn) opened up to exploring her sexuality with the likes of Anna Torv last season. As the youngest of the show’s four powerful and beautiful women, Jessica is also the most promiscuous, which led to her feeling men left her unfulfilled. (Cue the hot lesbian temptress now.)

As an events organizer, Jessica met an engaged lesbian couple Alex and Lisa last season, but ended up becoming attracted to one of the brides-to-be (played by Fringe‘s Torv). They ended up having an affair, but at the series end, Jessica wanted it to be more.

(For more detailed spoilers on this season of Mistresses, read our Jan. 20 Ask AfterEllen.com column.)

On Tuesday night’s premiere of Season 2, the Jessica/Alex relationship was glossed over and instead, Jessica is now in a new relationship — with a man, who cheats on her. A lot. And Jessica is apparently OK with this.

Whether this is a storyline based on the fact that Torv now has her own show on Fox, or if the intention all along was to have Jessica be seen as sexually free but ultimately straight, it’s a disappointing way to end their relationship. There’s no closure, and we gay women need some closure.

Mistresses fans: How are you feeling about Jessica’s sudden return to a straight relationship? Do you think she’ll meet another woman she could care about this season?

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