“Chasing Life” recap (2.11): To sleep, perchance to dream


Previously on Chasing Life, Leo started a camp for children before he died, April and Natalie found their dad’s true crime novel but Uncle George destroyed it, and George came clean about sort of kind of assisting in his brother’s suicide.

Enough time for a rich girl to fix her mom’s window has passed since the snowstorm, and April and Sara are still pretty bummed about the Big Reveal(s) from last episode. Brenna is fine though, and she’s beebopping around like nothing’s wrong.

Chasing Life 211-1 “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?”

She is, however, a little worried about Natalie, as no one has seen or heard from her since she stormed out of the confessional. Unlike her sister and mother, though, Brenna’s not worried that Natalie will spill George’s secrets to the wrong people.

Beth comes over to borrow April’s necklace, and since she was passed out drunk and didn’t see any of the Carver Family dirty laundry, they play dumb as to why her roommate up and left without so much as a rent check.

Beth notices the window is fixed but April says Dom wasn’t so lucky. His brand new house got the brunt of the storm and is now in ruins.

Ruthie, one of Leo’s coworkers, comes to visit while April is waving around her clinical trial steroid syringe, no longer feeling the need to hide in the bathroom to give herself her shots. Ruthie tells April Leo’s camp is about to open and she asks if April wants to come cut the ribbon. April knows it will be hard, but she’s in.

Chasing Life 211-2“And therefore I forbid my tears.”

April stops by Sara’s group therapy, and Sara watches a wistful April out of the corner of one eye while listening to a guy talk about how weird it is when someone asks, “How are you?” and he wants to say, “Well my mom died right before my cancer went into remission but it could come back at any moment and the thought is a cement block looming over my head,” but instead he just says, “Fine.” April points out they all do it, because no one wants to know the truth, no one really wants to know the pain they’re feeling. This defeatist attitude breaks Sara’s damn heart.

At school, Finn fills Brenna in on Hamlet, because she was too busy living a Shakespearean drama of her own. When he starts to explain it’s about a man whose uncle kills his brother and gets with his wife, Brenna has heard quite enough and breaks her pencil trying not to freak out. When she gets up to sharpen it, she is bombarded by Happy McVision Board, who asks her to buy a raffle ticket. She’s trying to collect enough money to get Finn a blade-leg so he can get—wait for it—”back on track.”

Chasing Life 211-3“Give thy thoughts no tongue.”

Finn doesn’t love the pity party, and Brenna doesn’t love that McVisionBoard is doing this for the attention and the college apps and she kind of hates it.

Later, back at home, they touch base on Natalie, but the only clue they have is that she quit her job via email. Brenna still isn’t worried about her, but Sara knows that Natalie holds the fate of their whole family in her hands. Brenna also forgives George for what he did, and will tell him so when she lives with him, but Sara had thrown that plan out the broken window into the snowstorm.

Brenna looks at Sara with shock and disgust and says that she shouldn’t be surprised because every time something goes wrong, she has to change schools or cancel her summer plans.

Chasing Life 211-4 “A little more than kin, a little less than kind.”

Brenna storms off and Sara is worried but April says she understands why Brenna and their dad pushed people away when they were in the midst of their pain. Sara doesn’t want her daughters to shut her out like her husband did but April says her fear and pain are her own and not even her therapist mother can help her now.