Kathie Lee Gifford attempts to kiss Molly Sims


Today on The Today Show, Kathie Lee Gifford kind of kissed two girls and I really, really didn’t like it. In an attempt to demonstrate a devastating male kiss, Kathie grabbed her co-host Hoda Kobt, and her guest, supermodel/actress Molly Sims, and got centimeters away from their petrified lips.

Um, ew.

In this internet age, it seems that the path to temporary cultural relevance is having an emailable video clip. Nowadays, stars like Kathie Lee Gifford have to compete with drugged up 7-year-olds like Internet sensation “David After the Dentist” for attention. Knowing this, I’m convinced that television personalities try to push the envelope and create “eye catching/watercooler/emailabale moments” on their programs.

The Today Show may only get several million viewers to watch their entire show, but if they make an “emailable moment” then they are guaranteed to double their viewership, at least for those 45 seconds.

And as PETA’s recent stunt has shown us, what better way to get attention than lesbianism! Good times. What’s next — Elizabeth Hasselbeck pecking Sherri Shepherd?

If I ever get that clip in my inbox, I’m canceling my internet.

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