“Trust Me” plays a familiar game


On TNT’s new show Trust Me, Monica Potter stars as Sarah Krajicek-Hunter, a recently divorced copywriter for an ad firm where she is one of few women. She’s smart and argumentative, and fights for what she wants. She clearly must be a lesbian then, right?

That’s what her colleagues say about her, despite her giving no other reason for them to think so. On this week’s episode, “Au Courant,” Sarah is featured on a advertising industry blog as being a “lesbian role model” in the business, and her peers find this hilarious.

At the end of the episode, the straight Sarah kisses her co-worker, Hechtor, and after an awkward pause, says “Maybe I am gay.” Burn. Sorry, Hechtor.

The use of lesbian as an insult is not so unfamiliar, but it also happens to be kind of lame. If the only way Sarah’s male colleagues see fit to bring her down is to refer to her as a lesbian in the sense that she isn’t interested in men (read: them), then she’s obviously doing a kick ass job.

And we wonder why the whole “man-hater” myth is still perpetuated. Thanks, TNT.

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