Watching TV can depress you


A new study has linked television watching and depression — and I say hogwash! Sad as it may be, television has provided me with endless hours of pure joy. The study claims that TV watching can cut into time that could have been spent in organized activities. What that basically means is, hanging out with other humans.

Now, I understand that it is not healthy to watch endless hours of The Wire in solitary confinement — OK, fine I did it, but I had to! You try watching just one episode. It’s impossible.

What these researchers fail to understand is that television builds relationships and communities. Strangers from across the globe bond over television programs. Am I right,

And of course, we’re not alone. Have you ever been on a Lost forum? My god, those people have bonded so much over their insane theories that I bet a bunch of them want to get deserted together.

And what about group TV watching — like friends getting together to watch America’s Next Top Model, The L Word or even the Super Bowl?

These researchers clearly need to watch an episode of MTV’s True Life: I Have Tourettes with my friend Joni Lefkowitz and me. That should teach them a thing or two about “organized activities” and the redemptive power of television.

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