Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 13, 2009)



Note: There are no spoilers about future episodes, just updates on what has already aired, but click here if you want to skip these updates and go directly to the next page.

Show/Episode: Nip/Tuck — FX, drama

What happened: Liz didn’t appear this week; Portia’s character is still dead.

What you need to know: No one noticed.

Show/Episode: Hell’s Kitchen — Fox, reality competition

What happened: No new episode this week.

What you need to know: I re-enacted an episode last night by yelling at Lori that she was microwaving the popcorn wrong.

Show/Episode: Podia Acabar o Mundo (The World Could End) — Portugal, drama

What happened: Claudia and Sonia are now living together and talking about having kids, although there are a few things they have to work out — like winning over Sonia’s disapproving father. (Thanks to AE reader shiffie for the info!)

What you need to know: Different country/language, universal lesbian baby drama.

Show/Episode: Skins — U.K., teen drama

What happened: Emily kissed her friend Naomi during a friend’s all-girl sleepover, and Naomi took drugs. Here’s a promo of the kiss:


What you need to know: In the episode that actually aired on British television, the song playing in the background during this kiss was changed from Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” to a Lily Allen song. Thank God!

Show/Episode: The L Word — Showtime, drama

What happened: Tom left Max. Alice and Tasha set Helena up on a date with a friend they both seem to want to sleep with themselves, and Helena left early to see Dylan. Jenny turned Shane’s bedroom into an office. Bette asked her old grad school roommate to make her a partner in her art gallery, which displeased Tina; then Bette and Tina met with a pregnant woman who wants to give them her child.

What you need to know: Only four episodes left!

Show/Episode: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: Pepa and Sylvia didn’t appear this week.

What you need to know: Look for them to be back next week.

Show/Episode: All My Children — ABC, drama

What happened: Kendall asked Bianca and Reese to go back to Paris because their daughter reminds of her husband’s betrayal, and Bianca and Reese agreed to leave after the wedding. When Kendall made a mean toast about Reese at their wedding rehearsal, Reese left in tears and ended up making out with Kendall’s husband Zach.

What you need to know: The wedding takes place today and Monday.

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Nothing — Natalia and Olivia were not featured this week so far, but are expected to appear in today’s episode.

What you need to know: Otalia is still progressing, just slowly.

Show/Episode: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Stella sets Carla up on a date with another woman, but Carla mistakenly thinks the date is with Stella (Carla is in love with Stella); when Stella clarifies that the date is with someone else, Carla is crushed and tells Stella to stay out of her private life. A hurt/angry Stella suggests maybe she should quit working for Stella, and is later surprised at the bartender’s suggestion that Carla’s in love with her.

Carla, left, and Stella

What you need to know: Carla and Stella are inching towards a relationship, but Stella is still infatuated with Charlie.

Show/Episode: Emmerdale — U.K., drama

What happened: Debbie is in jail awaiting trail for killing a policeman. Jasmine tried to talk Debbie out of taking the fall for something she did, but Debbie insisted, telling Jasmine, “you’ll never make it in here.”

What you need to know: If this who-killed-the-policeman storyline drags on, it doesn’t look the girls are going to be sharing any scenes together anytime soon.

Show/Episode: Grey’s Anatomy — ABC, drama

What happened: Callie shared with Addison her feelings for Arizona, which basically boil down to “she’s hot and funny.”

What you need to know: Four out of five lesbian doctors agree. But how will Calzona ever happen if they only get two minutes per week?

That wraps up this week’s rundown of lesbian/bi women on TV — if any international readers want to send me short rundowns of what happened with the lesbian/bi storylines on your favorite shows, please email me on Thursdays at [email protected].

— by Sarah Warn