TV Alert: Emily goes in for the kiss on “Skins” tonight


Tonight on the UK TV series Skins, Emily (Lily Loveless) comes on to her friend Naomi while at Pandora’s all-girl sleepover (a young lesbian’s dream!). The show, which airs on E4 at 10 P.M., has always been pretty good at handling gay storylines, so I’m hoping fans will be happy with how the kiss unfolds — with a little liquid courage involved.

Here’s a clip:


OK, ignoring the Katy Perry playing in the background, the scene is kind of adorable. Emily looks so nervous, but her crush is so blatantly obvious. How will Naomi react? How will Emily’s twin feel about the real life “I Kissed A Girl” scenario her sis engaged in?

Here’s another preview of the tension between the two up until now:


Skins fans, do you see Emily and Naomi taking things further?

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