The women of “24”


Full disclosure: I have a love/hate relationship with 24.

This season, however, I renewed my commitment for the sake of a woman — a lesbian, in fact — Cherry Jones.

Jones is President Taylor, a no-nonsense president willing to fight with the boys who advise her for the sake of what she thinks is right. And Cherry Jones shows her acting chops by keeping a sober face when talking about a colonel named Ike Turner.

This season, even though 24 still reflects a more violent approach to preserving the U.S. way of life than I condone (the administration is Republican), the overall sensibility of the show seems different. Melissa Silverstein from Women and Hollywood says the reason is simple: it’s the women. “The women are finally becoming important players in the action and it makes the show much more interesting,” she says.

While the main women in previous seasons of 24 have been crazy (Martha Logan), evil (Nina Myers) or crazy and evil (Sherry Palmer), this year’s women are strong and capable — and “kick ass.”

I mean, what geek worth her Frequent Fry-ers Card doesn’t have a crush on Chloe O’Brian and Janis Gold?

Mary Lynn Rajskub and Janeane Garofalo obviously are having a blast playing dueling hackers. Chloe has “gone rogue” and is part of a group of ex-CTU agents trying to expose government corruption. Janis essentially has take Chloe’s place working for the government (although CTU is no more). Both characters can say as much with the raise of an eyebrow as Jack Bauer says in an entire episode.

Are you watching 24 this season? Has a woman president made a difference in the show? Who would score higher in FLaiL, Chloe or Janis?

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