“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.04 “Leaving Los Angeles”


Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me — Jamie, Alice and Tasha are looking at Alice’s childhood photos. They are, of course, unspeakably cute.

Jamie: Look what a little tomboy you were.

Alice: Oh, yeah, I was.

Tasha: [chuckling] And look how girly she turned out!

Jamie says she wants to have a lot of kids. She asks, “What about you?” without directing the question to anyone in particular. She gets two independent answers, one from Alice and one from Tasha. It’s like each of them is on her own date with Jamie. It’s three dates for the price of one! And the one with Helena doesn’t seem to be turning out so well; she’s standing apart from the others, looking uncomfortable. So Alice tries to bring her into the conversation.

Alice: Helena has kids; she has a boy and a girl.

Helena explains that she doesn’t have custody and sees her kids only every couple of months.

Helena: [My ex] took them and moved to the south of France.

Oh, right; she moved to a charming villa called Oscar Town, right?

Jamie is shocked to hear that Helena sees her children only every couple of months, so Alice quickly changes the subject to which board game they should play. Helena reckons it’s about time she got back to the Hit club. She hastily says her goodbyes and doesn’t even take a nutloaf doggie bag.

After she leaves, Jamie says, “She’s nice” and then shakes her head.

Tasha: [laughing] All right, we tried.

Anything that makes you laugh is OK with me, Tasha.

Do Ask, Do Tell — Surprise, surprise: Helena didn’t go directly to the Hit club. She’s making a pit stop at Dylan Moreland’s house. Helena runs right up to Dylan as if to accost her, and Dylan reacts accordingly.

Dylan: Oh, oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I went to the Planet. I just … I’m at a loss, Helena. I don’t know what to do.

Helena: Have dinner with me. I’ll let you know when.

And then Helena runs away again, muttering “fffaahhk.” You said it, sister.

Have you noticed that Dylan always has a silly gape-mouthed expression when she’s startled? That’s how she looked when Alice confronted her on the dance floor, too.

And she always says “Ooh, ooh,” almost like Horshack, or like she’s trying to speak whale.

All kinds of wrong — Jenny has her hands over Shane’s eyes and is leading her to some sort of surprise. You’re not climbing stairs at this moment, are you, Shane? I fear the attic. It haunts me.

It’s not the attic, but it’s close:

Jenny: I turned your bedroom into an office.

Shane: You what?

Jenny explains that she was tired of writing in the kitchen, and this way Shane won’t have to tiptoe around her when she’s writing. It all makes perfect sense.

Shane: Are you testing me? Is that what this is about?

Jenny: Huh?

Shane: Are you putting on the Crazy Jenny Show just to see how far you can push it with me? Is that what this is?

Jenny picks up a box and sullenly starts to “change it back.” Shane stops her and says she doesn’t need to change it back; she just needs to talk to Shane first next time. Jenny starts to mutter to herself and call herself “stupid.” Shane begs her not to get melodramatic. It’s waaaay too late for that, Shane.

Jenny: Do you hate me?

Shane: No.

Jenny: Do you love me?

Shane: I do. I love you. I do.

Why am I so terrified? The attic, it’s right above you! With the note! And the jacket! And Jenny only knows what else!

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