“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.04 “Leaving Los Angeles”


They all decide Helena needs somebody to love. So they try to think of someone to set her up with.

Jenny: Jodi!

Alice: What is this, recycling? Plastic/paper lesbians? Someone new, someone fresh.

Someone cris-pay, maybe?

They continue to mentally go through their Rolodexes (lesbodexes?). Tasha finally suggests Jamie, the woman from the Gay and Lesbian Center. Alice loves this idea so much, she decides to call Jamie right then and there. During the conversation, Helena clears some dishes from the table, including the one that served as the not-quite-final resting place of Dylan’s torn-up business card. Look at that: the card has just found its way into Helena’s bosom! Just like Dylan herself would like to.

Taking out the trash — At their humble abode, Jenny has talked Shane into doing some clutter-clearing.

Jenny: It’s a really good thing to do when you’re starting a new project or a new relationship.

Shane: Or when you wanna get rid of your s—.

So they start by putting some of Jenny’s clothes into a garbage bag. Remember when Tim threw Jenny’s garbage bag of clothes onto the lawn in front of this very house? Good times.

Jenny tells Shane to choose something to throw out, but Shane doesn’t really think it’s her “place” to tell Jenny what to toss and what to keep.

Jenny: Of course it’s your place! Just tell me what represents a facet of my personality that I should just be getting rid of.

Shane laughs and says, “That’s a tricky question.” And that’s the understatement of the year! Check the labels on the clothes, Shane — maybe some of them say “narcissist” or “dog-killer” or “carnival-flashback-haver” or “Yeshiva stripper” or “manatee interpreter.” Those are the “facets” I’d like to purge from this diamond in the rough. For starters.

Jenny chucks some shoes that remind her of the Tim years. Shane tries to play along; she tentatively selects a scarf that makes her think of the time Jenny eloped. But Jenny decides to keep it because it reminds her of Marina.

Shane: Oh, Jesus, Marina.

Jenny: No, seriously. She was my first love.

Shane: And no one understood why.

They didn’t? Hmm. I thought they did. Never mind; I’m going to start invoking a new rule. I’m calling it the WHY-I-I rule: What Happened Yesteryear Is Irrelevant. It’s the only way we’re going to make it through this season.

Jenny begs Shane to identify some other things she should get rid of.

Shane: I don’t believe in changing people.

Jenny: Please.

Shane finally complies. She steps into the closet and picks up a box.

Shane: Oh, this s—. You never use this.

Jenny: No, my art supplies! No way! Do you know that one day a foundation is gonna want all these little bits and pieces?

Shane: Picasso, you haven’t used these since we’ve been living together.

Picasso? I think you mean Monet. Jenny puts the art supplies back where they belong. So Shane points to an article of clothing, and when Jenny refuses to throw that out too, Shane just leaves.

Wait for me, Shane! This possessions-as-personality thing is too much for me, especially because I don’t know what my tendency to hoard twist-ties says about me. I just never know when I might need one.

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