“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.04 “Leaving Los Angeles”


Max-bashing — Back at the table, Alice says she’s glad someone finally broached the subject of Max’s pregnancy.

Shane: I can’t believe they’re gonna have that baby.

Jenny: It was too late not to.

Alice: Poor Max.

They’re all talking with their mouths full of edamame. I love edamame and am officially inspired to make some for a snack right now. Then I’ll recap with my mouth full, but I’ll bet it will be less noticeable.

Let’s talk about that “too late” point for a minute. Of course it’s more difficult to get an abortion after the first trimester, but it’s not impossible, is it? Wouldn’t Max seem like an obvious special case? The “psychological denial” thing might apply. Oh, whatever. Read this excellent letter to Mama Chaiken if you really want to ponder the many, many things that are wrong with Max’s story line.

But Tasha doesn’t think Max is so “poor” anyway:

Tasha: A couple of months from now, all people are gonna see is two gay dads. And they get to have the baby together. I think he kinda gets to have it all.

Alice: When is she due?

Shane: He.

Et tu, Alice? How difficult can one little pronoun be? This continuing transphobia is lame.

Suddenly we can see Tina and Bette at the table. Whoa, when did they get there? I guess they were waiting to fill in if Tom and Max had to leave. Maybe Helena and Kit are in the wings too, ready to rotate on short notice.

Bette and Tina are talking about their imminent trip to Laughlin, Nevada. But before they can explain why they’re headed to that fair city, Jenny interrupts:

Jenny: [gasping] I know who stole the negative.

To emphasize the horror of her realization, she briefly poses as Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.”

And her theory is just as bonkers as that painting makes me feel: Jenny thinks William (the sibilant financier played by Wallace Shawn) stole the negative in order to fake an insurance claim. Tina declares this “extreme,” while Shane seems to be thinking, “I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed.”

Bette excuses herself to speak to Kelly. You know, “Juicy,” her former roommate.

Tasha returns to the question of the Nevada trip. Tina reveals that it’s a visit to a potential birth mother.

Shane: She knows that you’re a bunch of gays?

Tina: Yep, she knows all about us.

The foreshadowing on this show is more like foreshortening. Of my brain.

Bette brings Kelly over to meet everyone. Kelly teases Bette about her “gay girl hangout.” As Bette and Kelly go to a different table to talk, the gay girls wonder whether their hangout has been breached.

Alice: Who’s that?

Tina: Kelly Wentworth. She was getting her undergrad at Yale when Bette was getting her M.F.A.

I could make a joke about what M.F.A. stands for, but it’s a little too obvious. And Alice’s expression is making it for me.

Also, since when do grad students and undergrads mingle, let alone live together? Horsefeathers.

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