“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.04 “Leaving Los Angeles”


Cleaning up — Tasha, Alice and Jamie are talking about fund-raising. Alice has some good ideas. She suggests a “dance marathon kind of a thing” in a “cool space like Hit.” Jamie has some ideas, too, like the idea of touching both Alice and Tasha as many times as possible.

She convinces them both to help her plan a dance marathon fund-raiser. Oh, boy.

I just have no idea where this Jamie-Alice-Tasha thing is heading; do you? If I close my eyes, I see the number 3 burned into my eyelids, flaming and flashing and hopping up and down. But I’m sure it’s not related to this.

A fantasy — Back at the Hit club, Kit is wondering why a man can’t just say what’s on his mind. She shares a fantasy with Sunset.

Kit: I was shopping at Gelson’s for groceries, when this straight-up brother comes up to me. No bling, no attitude. And he says to me, “You are one beautiful woman. And I would just love to wake up with your arms and legs wrapped around me.”

Well, I look forward to seeing that in Episode 8. Carry on.

Max’s studio of broken dreams — Tom is tired and Max is mopey.

Max: You looked hot at the club. All those guys were checking you out.

Tom: Guys were checking you out too.

Max: Yeah. They were trying to figure out if I was pregnant or just fat.

Tom is tired of the self-deprecation. As Tom tucks himself into bed and rolls away to face the window, Max gets undressed. He unbinds his breasts. Is there anything sadder than having to reach under your pregnant belly in order to remove your soft pack from your underwear? I guess the only thing sadder is having to recap it.

Max spoons Tom, holding on for dear life.

The Desert Palm Lodge, Nowhere, NV — In a hotel, Bette and Tina are discussing the birth-mom debacle while Angie snuggles with her bear and watches a DVD. Could Angie be any cuter? I still find myself waving at her when she’s on the screen.

Tina tells Bette not to get discouraged; they’ll find the baby who’s meant to be a part of their family.

Bette: I’m just stunned by the ignorance.

Tina: Yeah, well, welcome to the rest of America.

I am officially claiming Stunned by the Ignorance: Welcome to the Rest of America as the working title of my autobiography.

Bette thinks maybe they’ve dodged a bullet: she’s having second thoughts about the adoption in general.

Bette: It just feels like there’re so many things that are out of our control.

And that is probably the first sentence of Bette’s autobiography.

Tina: That’s how it is. Everything’s out of our control.

Does she ever actually hear that, Tina, when you say it? Maybe you should get a T-shirt with that on it.

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