“Rookie Blue” recap (6.6): Family Feud


Previously on Rookie Blue, Juliet was shady and Andy grew suspicious, and Gail started the adoption process for Sophie through a case worker named Laura Lee.

Somewhere in lovely Canada, Andy and Chris are going for a run when Andy spots Juliet getting into an SUV. Assuming it’s shifty business she’s about to witness, she stops running, and Chris proceeds to dive into the bushes, assuming it’s his coke-loving boss’s boss’s wife who is currently sort of stalking him.

Inside said SUV, Juliet is talking to her buddy who she drives with a lot, and says she’s ready to talk and doesn’t want to risk waiting. The man says he’ll call an emergency meeting with the powers that be, and Juliet heads to work. Where she spots Andy spotting her.

Rookie Blue 606-1 “Walking the dog? Is that code for something gay?”

They both awkwardly lie to each other before going their separate ways.

Today is the day of the community softball game, and all of 15 Division will be there, except for Andy and Sam, because they’re going on another McSwarek getaway to Oliver’s cabin. But don’t worry, they pitched in for popsicles.

Inside the precinct, Gail has Traci in her metaphorical clutches and is trying to force her to have a natural conversation while they spy on Steve Peck’s meeting with Laura Lee.

Rookie Blue 606-2“What? No, I don’t have a taste for the cherry?”

Traci informs her that standing so close to another person you are not trying to bed is not normal, but Gail is too worried about what Steve is telling her social worker to worry if anyone thinks her and Traci are cool for the summer. But soon enough, the meeting is over, and Laura Lee says Steve had nothing but wonderful things to say about his baby sister. The only concern Laura Lee has is that she didn’t see any kind of social work or official work with kids on her record. So Steve starts up a lie about how SUPER involved Gail was in planning today’s cops-and-kids baseball game, and Traci jumps right in to back him up. Laura Lee says she’ll see them there, which makes Gail do her adorable panic-smile.

After Laura Lee leaves, Gail says she’s feeling something strange and unfamiliar—and what’s weirder, it’s even affecting her vocal chords.

Rookie Blue-season6episode6 I feel…NOT wicked!

When Traci asks if it’s fear (a fair guess, because I doubt Gail fears much) Gail says actually it’s gratitude and she hugs her brother.

At the park, Oliver tells Juliet that this community needs help. It was on the rise to being a safer place, but then some gang violence scared away all the do-gooders, so they’re here to try to kick start the project again, beginning with the park.

Also here to help? Our old friend Noelle!

Rookie Blue 606-4We make a family, yes?

She’s back from finding out that the twins she gave birth to were part of an illegal cloning experiment and having one of them shoot her in the gut Headquarters to pay her old friends a visit.

Gail shows up with t-shirts for the kids (a shade of yellow not even gangs want to claim as their own) and sees that Laura Lee really did show up, sending her into panic-mode.

Rookie Blue 606-5 #SPENCERHALP

Gail sees two girls fighting about boyfriends and phones and decides to distract them by handing them yellow shirts. She convinces one resistant girl to take one, first using Gail Force One and eventually using panic-sweetness because she sees Laura Lee watching her. After the resistant girl takes a shirt and leaves, Gail awkwardly pats the other one on the head. She’s better with kids when she’s not trying at all.

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