“Chasing Life” recap (2.4): Until the sky falls down on me


Previously on Chasing Life, Brenna kissed Margo even though she clearly had ex-girlfriend baggage and (eventually) Margo kissed Brenna back, Brenna donated stem cells to a stranger, April started planning her wedding with Leo, and Natalie found their dad’s shady manuscript.

We open with April reading her father’s unfinished novel, vividly imagining the fictionalized version of her own family. Natalie can’t wait for April to finish the book and asks if she sees it yet, but it’s sort of like asking someone how they like the Divergent series before they read Allegiant. April thinks the fact that the main character has a secret family is where the similarities end, but Natalie thinks it all rings too true to not be shady and tells April not to talk to her until she finishes the whole thing and can properly rage with her.

Leo and April are wedding planning, fighting over whether they would write their own vows and which Savage Garden song they would walk down the aisle to, when Sara busts in and gives them a psychology questionnaire to do to get to know each other a little better before they are together FOR ALL ETERNITY.

Meanwhile, Margo and Brenna are doing the opposite of fighting; they’re being all cute and adorable on a sweet little coffee shop date.

Chasing Life 204-1 THOSE EYES THOUGH

(At which, Margo is drinking wine, while on a date with a 17-year-old, in a place she cannot drink. A little strange.)

Brenna is joking about public school and having to choose a new outfit EVERY DAY (which, real talk, was a harder transition in college for me than the move to NYC) and they hold hands and are adorable. And then, without warning, straight from Season 3 of The L Word: Alice Pieszecki.

Chasing Life 204-2Hiiiiii, Alice!

Well at least, the psycho-ex status is Alice. Her name is Juliet now and she’s slinging a glass of wine despite Margo having mentioned that she’s an alcoholic.

Juliet demands to know how Brenna stays so fresh-faced and nubile and before she can make a sarcastic comment about bathing in the blood of virgins, Margo takes Juliet’s drunk ass home.

Brenna is left alone, bewildered, and probably missing Greer more than ever. She had less baggage, and she had a literal secret mental illness.

Back at Casa de Carver, April finishes the super cheesy manuscript, in which the daughter tells her dad she wants to be a CIA agent just like her dad, and her father thinks asshole thoughts and says asshole words about how she would never succeed at being him, so she should just try something easier. From the look on April’s face, this conversation hits too close to home.

The draft of this novel is signed by “EDS” so April finds his name in the acknowledgements of one of her father’s finished books, looks up his Website Page and finds out he’s having a writing seminar nearby this weekend.

Beth is telling Grandma Emma about her boy problems; Graham is coming to the wedding as Dom’s plus one, and Beth wants a steamy date to show her ex that she’s moved on.

Chasing Life 204-3Too bad Grandma Emma is taken.

Sara brings in her old wedding dress for April to try on, but it’s hella gaudy. April and Beth are polite about it, but Grandma Emma is not. Beth says she might be able to alter it, but her face looks worried that not even Tim Gunn could make it work.

April then tricks Leo into going to a hotel in Providence to do their questionnaire, when really she wants to go to Edwin Shaw’s writing seminar. (If I were Brenna, and I found out they were just zipping off to hotels all willy nilly when she’s stuck in a new school with no friends, I’d be PISSED. Just saying.)

Speaking of her new school, Brenna is walking around, looking at bit like she hates everyone —kind of more like Pilot Brenna than we’ve seen her in quite a while. A happy peppy girl flounces over to her and starts rambling about the school, vision boards, and the resident sick kid. He has to wear a face mask (like, all the time) and has cancer and one leg. The girl invites Brenna to sit with her and the rest of the Plastics, but Brenna declines, probably imagining the slew of insults Ford would have for this chick.

Brenna texts Margo, who makes a film joke, and makes Brenna smile for the first time since the Gretchen Weiners wannabe opened her mouth.

Chasing Life 204-4Greer is the only happy peppy person she needs in her life.

Leo and April take the questionnaire and bond, but it’s obvious that they’re both holding back a little, which isn’t the point of the exercise, I’m sure.

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