Tina Fey goes “Mad” for Jon Hamm


Women love Jon Hamm. It’s true. In fact, I think straight women spontaneously start to ovulate at the very sight of Don Draper in his immaculately-tailored suit. They tell me it’s just an innate biological response. And while I get it, I don’t get it for, well, obvious reasons. But then I realized I was just needed to contextualize their obsession in a way I could understand. Jon Hamm is to straight women as Rachel Maddow is to lesbians. Ohhh, now I totally get it.

So, imagine my delight then to hear that Jon will appear as Tina Fey‘s potential love interest on 30 Rock beginning tonight. My God, there’s something for everyone on this show. Straight women, gay women, straight men, gay men and — thanks to Alec Baldwin — even the bears.

Really, I cannot think of a more genius move than to have the star of the best drama on television and the star of the best comedy on television join forces. And if this clip is any indication, it’s like we’ve died and gone to fan-fic heaven.

And even cuter is seeing Tina and Jon talk about each other. Apparently you need to make an eclipse peep hole to look at Jon for fear of damaging your retinas from all the handsome.

Plus, I think Don Draper has a crush on Liz Lemon. I mean, did he just blush? Heck, I think that even almost made me spontaneously ovulate.

Also, Tina’s dress is making me do something and it definitely ain’t ovulating. Though, umm, it may involve a similar region.

Though, now that I think about it, the great Liz Lemon/Don Draper isn’t quite the perfect fan-fic fantasy. No, the perfect fan-fic fantasy would be Liz Lemon/Joan Holloway. Talk about your I want to go to there.

Catch Jon’s appearance on 30 Rock at 9:30 tonight on NBC. Dream about Liz and Jon Joan for the rest of your natural born life.

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