“Complications” recap (1.7): (John’s) a firestarter, twisted firestarter


Previously on Complications, there were a heck of a lot of assumptions made. Bridget thought John was a drug addict. (False.) That jerk of a detective (I dislike him so much that I’m not even going to look up his name) thought John was working for a gang. (Semi-true?) Gretchen thought Jed was a bit of an idiot. (True. Sorry, Jed.)

Two Years Ago

Gretchen arrives at a country club in a car that has definitely seen some better days. She’s meeting Wes, who you may remember as hat dude whose laptop Gretchen dumped into a fancy fish tank one time. Gretchen is not into small talk, and she immediately wants to know what the fuck is going on with the patients she referred to him. They didn’t get any treatments, but they all got billed. It’s a scam! Wes is a scammer!

photo1 “Wes, you’re tacky and I hate you.”’

Wes has been billing Medicare for nonexistent treatments and he assumed Gretchen knew and was referring patients to get some cash, but Gretchen swears that she had no idea. Wes says he heard about Gretchen, how she’s a bad girl turned good nurse. (More of that backstory, please!) Wes tries to give her money, but she doesn’t want to take it. Wes is like, “Hey, listen—I know you’re broke af. You can’t even get custody of your sis.” Gretchen finally takes the money, probably because she has a heart of gold and wants to take care of her sister. (I still miss you, Ingrid.)


Gretchen is visiting with Jed at the prison, and he is just bugging out. The cops think he stole records and they also allegedly found some drugs in his desk. Jed’s court-appointed lawyer told him that he could get a deal if he named an associate, but otherwise he’s looking at ten years. Gretchen’s just like, “Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna go down?” Jed says doesn’t want to turn her in, and there’s a lawyer who can potentially help him out—but he’s really expensive.

Gretchen calls John up as he and Sam are getting ready for an event. She tells him about the situation with Jed and asks him for $30k. She’s all, “Listen dude, you’re a doctor and you look hella rich. Help a sister out.” John says there’s no way he can swing the money, so Gretchen tells him that she might know a way to make quick money. Honestly, I’m not that sure why John agrees to help so readily. I guess he’s concerned that Jed is going to rat him out, too?

John and Sam are at some fancy event that John has to make a speech at, and Sam sees Bridget across the room. She wants to catch up, because it’s been AGES, DAHLING, but John’s just like, “NOPE NOPE NOPE” and pulls her away. He ditches Sam with some old rich couple, which is the worst thing you can do to your wife at a fancy event, and then goes to talk to Bridget. John is all, “Please BE COOL for once in your goddamn life and don’t tell my wife what’s up.” Miraculously, she doesn’t tell Sam, but it’s probably because they get called to their seats and she doesn’t have time.

photo2 500% done with John’s bullshit

John gives his speech; he talks about Becky and what it’s like to have a sick child. Through the speech, he tries to earn some sympathy points with Bridget and that seems to work. (Bridget’s secretly a big softie, but she doesn’t know how to express her emotions and, instead, she focuses on rigidly following any and all forms of rules or regulations, because those are safe and clean. Maybe. IDK, I haven’t thought about it much or anything.)

The next day, just after Ollie mentions that his friend doesn’t eat dairy, Sam is stopped by the police officer outside their house. He tells her that since Sam has been so nice to all the cops, he wants to warn her that the police detail was pulled. Sam wants to know who made that decision, but the cop doesn’t know. Probably the taxpayers, Sam, because that shit must’ve been unnecessarily expensive.

Sam calls John from the car and asks if he knew the police were being pulled off their guard detail, but John says he didn’t know anything. Sam wants to call the station and check in, but John manages to convince her not to worry, telling her their alarm system is hooked up to the police station so it’s all fine. As he hangs up, Gretchen arrives with Wes, who is such a smarmy bastard. Even more smarmy than I originally thought.

Wes explains to John that he basically wants them to steal drugs for him, but uses way more words to try and make it not sound so illegal. John is outraged, can you believe it?! LOL @ John, again making arbitrary decisions about what’s moral and what’s not. Gretchen thought that John would be down with this plan, because they’d be stealing cancer drugs for people who need them, people like his daughter. John says no again and storms off.

photo3 “You seriously trying to be morally superior again, bro?”

John gets to work and immediately approaches Bridget. They go to a private room and he spins her a yarn about how all the gang members being around triggered a panic attack. He claims that he snuck off to give himself a shot of an anti-anxiety drug. She’s asks him to explain the morphine she saw, but he says he doesn’t know and it’s wasn’t his. Bridget claims that she wants to believe (like a regular old Mulder), but with everything that’s happened, she has to report him. He’s like, “Uh, wait! Here! Take some of my blood and test it.” Finally, Bridget relents and takes the vial of blood.

Gretchen goes to visit Jed in the clink, but a prison guard informs her that Jed is gone because he paid his bail. Gretchen thinks that seems very unlikely because Jed is extremely broke, so she goes to Jed’s house. At first, she thinks he took the deal, but, nope! Actually Wes bailed him out. (Sidenote: Jed’s cat seems really unhappy right now. I feel like the stress of this situation can’t be good for her. Or him. Is there a name? I’m not sure.)

Back at the hospital, John is paged to radiation, but it was actually just Wes’ doing. Fucking Wes apparently bailed Jed out in exchange for information, so now he knows about Antoine Tyler. John is like, “You are getting mixed up with some dangerous people, you shouldn’t have done this.” Wes is like, “Welp, OK, I guess I’ll tell the police then!” They play telephone chicken until John agrees to help.

John goes home that night and makes some detailed pro/con lists of potential crime outcomes to figure out how to go about stealing the drugs. Because it’s always a good idea to get your illegal activities down on paper. Sam comes by to tell him that she likes watching him work (YEAH, SHE DOES) and asks what he’s doing. John lies to her, as per usual, and she continues to be sweet. John, just tell her! Sam’s cool as hell and could probably help your dumb ass out.

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