“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1.32-1.39): Lesbian Processing


But Jade gets married anyway. She is sad and bored at the wedding, but she plans to spend her wedding night with Althea. David is like, “Yeah, I’ll drop you off there.” Not really sure what David gets out of this marriage.


Jade’s mom is so excited, she’s like, “Thank you so much for marrying a man, Jade!” Her dad is happy, her grandpa is happy, etc. But her grandma, Ama, is freaking out, because she can’t remember anything at all except how much she believes in true love, so they lock her away in her room.

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Jade falls asleep and forgets to go to Althea’s house for her wedding night, making Althea scared and jealous. Althea talks to Jade about how she feels—which makes total sense: “Love knows no gender, so what if you fall in love with David just from spending time with him?” Wait, why have you all been saying you are lesbians for 30+ episodes? Jade looks into Althea’s eyes, terrified, because Jade knows its true—she falls in love with anyone who is in the same room.

no genderscaredfall for david

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