“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1.32-1.39): Lesbian Processing


Althea and Jade do their thing of holding hands and being “maybe” together.

maybe together

Meanwhile, Tommy asks for 20 million units of money from Althea to get her son back. She tells Jade and Jade is like, “Oh, this is perfect—I’ll  just marry a man and we will have money to get your son.” And Althea is like, “Crap, why does every problem I have get solved by you marrying a dude?” #lesbianproblems

David and Jade decide to get married so that Jade’s dad won’t die and so Jade can help Althea get her son—because the only way to get him is 20 million (the cops are useless!) Jade looks super happy when they announce the engagement. I mean, after all of these 30+ episodes, we are right back to where we started!

so happy

Althea gets her son back, but she isn’t happy. She feels like she sold Jade to a man.

i sold you

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