“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1.32-1.39): Lesbian Processing


The whole family is wearing full scrubs and hospital hats because, WHO KNOWS WHY?! Can you get an infectious disease from a pure, homophobic hater like Oscar? Probably. And they are all like, “OMG I’m so worried—is Oscar dead?” And I’m like, “WHY are you worried? He totally sucked.” Meanwhile they all still have perfect makeup on, despite the circumstances. Has anyone ever seen an episode of this show when someone didn’t almost die?

dad are you okhospital visit

Althea, meanwhile, goes with the cops to fetch her son, Miggy, from her evil ex-husband’s house. Althea just became interested in her son after, like, 12 years of forgetting that he exists. When she arrives, Tommy is “gone” and has “abducted Miggy.” Neither of these are true—they are both on the roof looking down and laughing. The cops can’t figure out that they are on the roof! What a conundrum.


Because Oscar almost died, Paul decides to finally straighten out his act so his dad won’t officially keel over. That’s right—Paul decides to quit being gay.

paul will try

It’s a little odd, given that he has been so “I’m gay and you can’t change me!” this whole time.

ill be gay when im dead

Paul starts trying to date Jade’s best friend, Sally, because they don’t know anyone else. Meanwhile, Gabriel’s secret affair, Angie, finds out she is pregnant, and Pearl says a bunch of homophobic things that makes Gab hate her even more than usual.

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