“The Rich Man’s Daughter” recap (1.32-1.39): Lesbian Processing


We open up with the drama from last time: Willa almost got raped. Remember how she told some guy who she met at a bar that she is bisexual? He pushed her into his car and beat her up. She says he tried to force himself on her, but it didn’t work so he beat her up instead. 


She goes to the hospital, which is where this show spends most of its time these days.

hospital raped

Meanwhile, David randomly decides that he still wants to marry Jade, even after she called it off like 100 times.

i guess i will marry jade

His mom thinks he is crazy, but he explains to her a whole bunch of completely ridiculous reasons why it’s a good idea like, “The Tachingo family is tarnished, but they still have money!”

Meanwhile, Althea and Jade cry about their failed relationship: “I miss you.” “Are we okay?” “What happened?” BLAH BLAH BLAH—all of that garbage post-breakup regret talk. Seriously, you guys, I’m SO OVER YOU.

i miss youare we ok

Amanda and Oscar sit up late bonding—on separate sides of the bed—over how much their kids totally suck!

our kids suck

Then, out of nowhere, Oscar basically dies! He rolls off the bed and Amanda screams. Soon, we are back at the hospital!

oscar is dead

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