“Rookie Blue” recap (6.5): XOX-No


Previously on Rookie Blue, Andy got attacked in Traci’s apartment by a serial rapist but she scared him off, Chris started sleeping with his boss’s boss’s wife who he met in NA, and Gail started the process of adopting a little girl whose mother died during a case she was working.

We open in Traci’s favorite coffee shop, where she’s joking around with her boyfriend, Steve Peck. Steve dorks around and makes Traci giggle and it’s sweet and adorable and lovely.

Rookie Blue 605-1 …and therefore doomed.

The Roommates roll up to work, Chris teasing Dov for eating seaweed, Gail crumbling it up right in his face, and they see Mrs. Jarvis. Chris and Gail tell him to shut it down, but Chris is a big old softie so instead he just tells her he can’t play hooky with her and to please leave so he can go to work now.

Today’s Crime of the Week is a raid that Traci organized against some firearms dealers. They have all the warrants they need, so they’re all going to go in to pick up the baddies as soon as the next shipment arrives.

On their way out, Traci gets a call that her son is sick, which worries Gail immensely, because her cold, cold heart will always warm up for children in need.

Rookie Blue 605-2 Also for plus ones.

But when Traci shows up to Leo’s school, she finds out that Leo is in class and feeling just fine. This is strange, but Traci doesn’t have time to get to the bottom of this mystery, she has a raid to run, so she heads back to her car, where she is promptly chloroformed, because she didn’t CHECK THE BACKSEAT OF HER CAR BEFORE SHE GOT IN. ALWAYS CHECK THE BACKSEAT, PEOPLE. ALWAYS.

At 15 Division, Andy and Peck try to lie for Traci, but they forgot to align their stories ahead of time, and Andy is exceptionally bad at lying under pressure, especially for a cop.

Rookie Blue 605-3But cute as a button.

Everyone is ready at the raid site, and even though they still can’t find Traci, they have to go in without her if they’re going to make this bust. Gail is a little nervous and asks Andy to listen while she jumps up and down to make sure she’s not making noise because she’s the cutest little odd duck in the flock.

When the shipment comes in, ETF storms in, 15 Division close behind, and find the firearms and a Big Bad named Thom Kozik. Thom feigns concern for the missing cop he overheard them looking for, making him very suspect.

Swarek interrogates him a little, and Steve Peck shows up and convinces Oliver that he’s cool enough to go in, too. But he is decidedly not cool and ends up clocking the guy, who knows the punch was caught on camera and that he’ll be able to use it to get some time shaved off his sentence. Swarek determines he’s not actually involved in Traci’s disappearance at all, so Andy and Gail are sent out to find her.

McPeck find Traci’s car in the school parking lot. Traci’s phone is inside, but the detective is not. Also inside is a bouquet of flowers signed XOXO, Gossip Girl and they know it’s the serial rapist they thought they scared away in the pilot.

Rookie Blue 605-4 Not good. I REPEAT: NOT GOOD.

Traci is hella kidnapped.

Detective Sex Crimes comes back to 15 Division and tells them they have one suspect named Adrian. He doesn’t have alibis for any of the previous attacks, plus he’s just generally shifty, but they don’t have enough to charge him.

While the rest of the squad finds Traci, Gail and Dov are sent to pick Leo up from school and take him anywhere but the station.

Juliet decides her services will be better used in the station, because she has some deep web skills that came out of nowhere.

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