Morning Brew – Kate McKinnon says Aidy Bryant is the best kisser on “SNL”


Good morning! Happy Friday!

Demi Lovato‘s music video for “Cool for the Summer” is sort of Sapphic but not as much as I kind of expected. But at least it actually has two women pretending to be even marginally attracted to each other as opposed to the video for “I Kissed a Girl.”


GQ interviewed Kate McKinnon and she talked about her cat because, of course. She said the best kisser on SNL Aidy Bryant.

LP legit never stops wearing suits. She shouts out her ex-girlfriend for inspiring her style, which is very kind of her new girlfriend to allow.

A Gay Girl in Damascus opens in limited theaters today.

What I love most about this Mic article about why there will never be a good dating app for lesbians is the old school L Word pic that accompanies it.

The first sentence of this article is: “I’ve told friends and family she’s gone on an extended retreat to Thailand, but she’s actually living in caravan with a woman twice her age.” How can you not read the rest?

Queer sister duo CoCoRosie‘s new album will be called Heartache City.

Rachel Maddow has some strong opinions on Donald Trump running for President.

Cynthia Nixon talked with The Guardian about being out in Hollywood.

“It’s a very particular thing being a film star because so much of it is sexual and about people desiring you. For me, as a bisexual, it’s really important that it doesn’t always have to be this impenetrable border between gay and straight. It’s not like two different countries.”

Jane Fonda shared this fun photo from the set of Grace & Frankie. I love her with Lily Tomlin!


A Queen Muslim woman writes about dating and relating for Salon.

MSNBC talked with Krista and Jami Contreras about being denied by a Michigan pediatrician.

The SAG Foundation interviewed Ruby Rose about her time spent on Orange is the New Black and “the wink.”

Brittney Griner reportedly broke things off with Glory Johnson because of the latter’s alleged cheating with her ex-boyfriend.

Phoenix Mercury v Los Angeles Sparks

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