“Murder in the First” recap (2.7) Digging around


This week on Murder in the First, Jamie, the power lesbian attorney, has much more airtime. (I think TNT read my last recap and got the hint!)

On episode 7, Jamie is on the path of Dustin’s past in an attempt to find out more about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents and his uncle. (ICYMI, Dustin is the teenage shooter who killed 18 people along with a friend, who died while being apprehended.) Apparently, when Dustin was a child, he would spend weeks at a time with his uncle and cousins in the country, six hours away from his parents in a town called Pleasantville. When he was just six years old, Dustin somehow broke his arm, but doesn’t remember the incident nor remember going to the hospital to have surgery on the arm. His parents were not around for the incident and his Uncle said his arm “got caught” in a machine.


When Jamie arrives at the house, she is greeted by a rugged looking man who proclaims he is Dustin’s Uncle Beau. He has a mean attitude and temper to match. As Jamie begins to question him about his children and his relationship with his nephew, she enters the garage, uninvited. Inside she finds very dangerous work equipment, not suitable to be in the reach of children. Beau becomes irritable with Jamie’s questions and very presence, and asks her to leave.


As Jamie turns to leave, Beau’s daughter is walking across the yard, wearing sweatpants and carrying a back pack. She tells her  her dad that she is going to her friend’s house, to which her dad angrily tells her to be home by 10. By the look on the daughter’s face, you can tell she is terrified of her father.

Jamie realizes that this young girl might hold the key to more information about Dustin’s past. If she can somehow prove that Dustin had a traumatic childhood, she may be able to save him from the death penalty. As she is pulling out of the driveway, Jamie see the daughter wearing skimpy clothes (not her sweatpants from earlier!) and getting into a car with a much older boy. Naturally, Jamie follows the teens to a local party and confronts the daughter about her dad and her cousin.


The girl, although apprehensive at first, begins to tell Jamie about the abusive behavior her father had towards her brothers, however, she was never abused by her father. She tells Jamie that she was always afraid of Dustin and that he was the one who would hit her.


Once Jamie gathers all the information she can, she heads back to the prison to ask Dustin about the events she has learned from his Uncle and his cousin. Dustin becomes physically upset and is holding back tears as he talks about the time he punched his cousin in the face for calling him a pussy. Jamie senses that Dustin is holding something back about his past, but it’s going to take further digging to find out what.

Murder in the First airs Monday nights on TNT.

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