Two “Bad Girls” try to get hitched


What happens in Vegas airs on TV.

I admit I watched most of the very first season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. I was under the impression that it was going to be more like Starting Over, where troubled women from different backgrounds got together to learn from each other and deal with their issues with the help of life coaches. Instead, a bunch of obnoxious, loud women with bad attitudes (but obviously plenty of issues) were thrown into a house stocked with tequila.

Bad Girls Club was always meant to be a disaster, and that was supposed to be entertaining. Sure, there was that one infamous clip of the woman smashing pots and pans together in the middle of the night, singing, “I don’t get no sleep ‘cuz of ya’ll, ya’ll don’t get no sleep ‘cuz of me,” but other than that, it’s been pretty bad for women everywhere. reader Yaneik told us about last night’s episode, which took a shot at gay women. On the way to Vegas (right there you know it can’t be good), two girls known as The Ambers joke about getting married while in Sin City — to each other. So, Amber B. proposes to Amber M. when they’re in Vegas by giving her a Ring Pop. (Aw, just like elementary school.)

One of the Ambers later (I seriously cannot tell them apart; it sure doesn’t help that they have the same name) said, “I know this is going to be the best day of my life — walking down the aisle, getting married.”

But none of the roommates are as amused by their joke. Maybe because their house is clearly divided between “The Fab Four” and “The Ambers and Ashley.” Although, everyone eventually puts their cattiness aside for the bachelorette party — because these girls never miss a chance to party. I’m pretty sure, “Hey, the alarm just went off” means it’s time to party. So, they go to where any same-sex female couple about to tie the knot would go: a male strip show. Wait, it gets better: It was called “A Thunder Down Under,” which you can see in the preview for the episode here:

When the big day rolls around, everyone is, not surprisingly, hung-over. How romantic. The Ambers begin to read their vows off scribbled, crumpled pieces of paper but then the jig was up. Once the minister realized it wasn’t real, she refused to do the wedding which is lucky for them. They would have regretted it once they sobered up, anyway.

Does this Bad Girl faux wedding offend you, or do you think it was harmless, immature fun? I can’t decide. I just miss the sleepless girl with the pots and pans.