Morning Brew – The end is near in new “Lost Girl” promo


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New Scientist interviewed out psychologist Lisa Diamond, aka the go-to researcher in women’s sexuality. She is over the “Born this way” argument, saying:

“It is time to just take the whole idea of sexuality as immutable, the born this way notion, and just come to a consensus as scientists and as legal scholars that we need to put it to rest. It’s unscientific, it’s unnecessary and it’s unjust. It doesn’t matter how we got to be this way. As a scientist, I think it’s one of the most fascinating questions out there and one that I will continue to investigate. As a lesbian and a progressive, I think it’s totally irrelevant and just politics.”

Meanwhile, the Telegraph wonders “Why on earth do some doctors still think they can ‘cure’ gay people?”

Check out the new Lost Girl promo for the final half of the last season 🙁 🙁

It’s taking a while for the Kay Scarpetta novels to get their big screen adaptation, but it looks like Patricia Cornwell‘s novels are  in good hands. Orange is the New Black writer Liz Friedman and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (showrunner of Netflix’s upcoming Jessica Jones) are now attached to the project.

Vulture took on the history of the Lesbian Kiss Episode.

Ah, memories.

PRI has a great piece on what it’s like to grow up a lesbian in Saudi Arabia.

Buzzfeeed asked some lovely gay ladies with accents all kinds of questions about being lesbians.

Cindy Mauro is suing the NYC Education Department for giving her a two year suspension after being caught hooking up with another female teacher. The other teacher only received a one year suspension. The board isn’t having it, though, after the women said they weren’t actually getting down, but dealing with a low blood sugar incident that needed privacy, darkness and, apparently, their tops off.

At xoJane, Anonymous writes, “If You Only Date Men, You Don’t Get to be Queer.” The comments section is also an interesting read!

HuffPost Live hosted a discussion on outing yesterday.

The Oregon couple who was refused a wedding cake from a homophobic bakery tells their story in the Willamette Week. From the piece:

When I came out to my mom, she mourned for a long time that she would never be able to plan a wedding with me, see me get married and have kids. So it was very bonding for us to plan our wedding together, and we really bonded over that cake. So when Laurel and I told my mother we were going to get married, the first thing we all said was, “I know where we’re going for the cake.”

OK, I need this comic: Elvis B’Homos in Herstory. Says the artist:

“It’s got lesbian pulp novels, strange quotes from [1950s senator Joseph] McCarthy about hunting for perverts, and folks passing as men who were women. But everything is kinda cutesy and in comic form.”


The new BBC 2 three-part series Life in Squares fictionalizes the Bloomsbury group, including Virginia Woolf and sister Vanessa Bell.

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