Our Favorite “Pretty Little Liars” Tweets from “O Brother, Where Art Thou”


Last night, Pretty Little Liars brought us some Samily smooching, Aria’s doll collection, and a tripping-balls Toby. I love this show to pieces, but there’s something about the Charles reveal coming up in a few weeks that really makes these episodes feel like place-setters. It’s like seeing a bicycle-shaped gift wrapped under the Christmas tree: I know there’s a bike in there. You know there’s a bike in there. But we still have to wait until December 25th to take that thing for a spin. I wanna ride that bike now, you know?

Anyways, your #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets are more than enough to entertain me in the meantime!


but damn, it has an awesome straight vs lesbian ratio going for it #PLL #BooRadleyVanCullen

— Karina (@WillieSun) July 22, 2015

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